Jun 29, 2011

Special Indeed

In Indonesia, when you order special fried rice, you will get fried rice with a fried egg.

One day, a guy go into a whore house and wanted a PR.

"Sir, do you want special?", said the pimp.

The guy thought special would special. Special is a must. "Ok, special."

In the room, waiting for his special PR. Excited and can't wait to see his special one.

Knock! Knock!

When he open the door, standing before him is a pretty lady. Indeed special enough.

Light is not off. Hand started groping and tearing till last thread off her body.


Mind you, it is not the lady who shouted, it is the guy.




She is actually a he.
Almost everything special comes with egg in Indonesia.

Jun 25, 2011

Quote from Nomi

'Guys, we actually knows when you are talking to our boobs, BUT you might not know when we are looking at your "elephant"'

Dream on my 2nd day work

Last night, I dream.....

Traffic jam... Looking back, wow so many passengers in my Innova. 

A van stop by the bus stop, pick some people. The moment the van start to move, a lorry came out of the right junction, and hit the van. Its door was not closed properly, and hence slided open the moment the lorry hit it. In front of my eyes, couples of people flew out of the van and crushed by the lorry. They just shattered by the hit. I mean shattered like glass drop onto the floor and shattered. Everything happened in few seconds.

I climbed out of my car, and just shout, and shout. Shout "Aaaaahhhhh" "Aaaaahhhhh" "Aaaaahhhhh" "Aaaaahhhhh"... It is not moaning. It is shout, hysterical shout. "How is it possible for human to shatter like glass?"

"They have liver problem." I think my dad said this...

Yellow... Hardened liver... lead to hardened body......... Reasoning on my mind...


Wake up.

Jun 22, 2011

I will have trouble in commenting on a blog post when:

1. the blog is full of camwhoring photos. every post have a photo of the blogger itself. and every word written on the post is the blogger's personal emotions and it is actually a diary. No way I am going to critic your life history...................

2. the blog is a food post. most probably i will leave a boring sentence such as "your photos of food left me drooling." hahahha typical me. so do you still want my boring sentence? i prefer just to drool. i am not hot because I am not a dog.

3. the blog is too technical for me to understand. Okkk.... that spare parts look round and greasy... looks perfect for me. but I have no idea of what it is.

4. the blog is too political. it is politic. everyone cheat. nothing to be surprised of. cheating, bribery,  signs (doll) that looks like vibrator, anal, porn etc are all normal in the world of politic. it would be too humorous to comment about anyway.

5. the blog is about fishing! hahahhaha I used to always stumble on fishing blog. I really don't know how to comment on fish. Maybe I should just comment "that fish must be tasting nice with Thai sauce" or "Can you please clean the fish and cook it for me?" or "wooo.... nice hunk, opss I mean nice fish."

6. the blog is poetic blog... too shy to admit I don't really get a poem when I saw one. Maybe I should read instead of seeeeeee a poem
6. I just enjoy reading, and not typing.

Jun 21, 2011

Cheap life

"Wow, nice dress!
Where did you buy it from?"
I bought this from the stalls, 1st floor, above that wet market. Very cheap oooo

"Wow, nice blouse!
Where did you buy it from?"
It is a gift from a friend, very cheap one.

"Wow, interesting bag!
How much?"
Very cheap one, only RM10

One word

Auntie's Advice

"I think when you meet a guy, 
whose normal life routine makes you feel comfortable, 
he is good enough as your spouse."

So if he is poor, it is ok.

"Of course have to find someone who does not depends on you financially "

*conversation between me with an auntie*
*the auntie is a ladyboss*
*who married a businessman*

Believe it or not
I also think so

Jun 20, 2011

Confirmation..... or NOT

Me :  Is it possible for me to meet him on Monday morning?

She: Monday morning. Ok. I will confirm with him.

Me: Ok. Bye

When she said I will confirm with him, isn't it means she will confirm with me again??
Or I have to assume that he is free on Monday morning?

Monday morning
I lost her number, and waiting for her confirmation..
Wednesday evening, sent an email asking for confirmation.
Seems like she is waiting for me to come.
Without confirmation from her, I didn't go.

It is so confusing..

Jun 19, 2011

She is beautiful because you love her

You don't love a woman because she's beautiful, 
She is beautiful because you love her.
Quote from a sarjan.

As sweet as a candy,
As touching as it can be,
The sarjan might not talking about his wife.

A simple comment as "your wife must be beautiful"  from a stranger
lead to a reply such as
"She is beautiful in my eyes"
Reply from an officer.

As sweet as a candy,
As touching as it can be,
The officer is talking about his wife.

Jun 17, 2011

Planet gersang a.k.a. Lonely Planet

Captain Planet, you the hero!

Sorry, guys. not going to blog bout Captain Planet.

It is planet 'gersang' a.k.a. Lonely Planet

When you get lonely and feel like going on a trip by yourself. 
Help yourself and grab one of these Lonely Planet. 
Although you still lonely wandering around, at least you won't be lost with the book!

My father, someone who involved in transportation industry hate people who with this book. Especially someone who smell like a rat, have not have a proper shower for days, kept defending the book and refuse to believe the reality.

Sad to say reality sucks!

By the time a book is published, most of the things written in the book are OUTDATED! One book may took almost 1 year to be published. Within a year, inflation happened. All price had increased. Buildings burned down, new road are built, war can happened in one year. Fyi, in Lonely Planet, there are maps, transportation, transportation fee, accommodation, the rates, etc. Remember they are only guides, not reality. Nothing and no one is going to stop living.

On an occasion, a tourist insisted to go to a hotel, which was burned down not long ago. So the taxi driver just took him to the place. When they reached there, the tourist just kept shouting at the driver for taking him to the wrong place.

This actually happened to us when we were in Thailand, going to cross border to Laos. We were in Chiang Saen, trying to get a trip to Chiang Khong. Chiang Khong is the border between Thai-Laos.

According to our outdated Lonely Planet, the tut tut trip would cost us around 50 Bath. The driver charge us 150 Bath. He told us usually it is 100 Bath. But now only 3 of us going there, so he charge us higher. After some bargaining, he charge us 500 Bath for 3 person. One of us refused to take it, saying the driver try to cheat us. According to our lonely planet, it is our only transportation to Chang Khong and it is 2 pm then. After some interrogation, finally she gave in and agreed with the price. So it is 133 Bath per pax.

At that time, I forgot the fact that she bought the book, Lonely Planet years ago. So this book is super outdated. I kept thinking about this incident. It only come to sense after I remember that she bought it years ago. No wonder the price stated in the book is so much different from reality.

Dear fellow backpackers, please remember Lonely Planet is just a book with outdated guide.

Conclusion is that my father hate me when I travel in a cheap style a.k.a. backpack.

Jun 14, 2011

Mother lied for your own good

"There are ghost out there when it is raining on a sunny day."

"Don't dirty your table with rice while eating, or else you will get a spouse with many pimples."

"Left few rice in your bowl when you finish your meal, so you will get more rice."

"Don't shake your legs while eating, you will shake off all your wealth."

"Don't be naughty, that white/dark skin guy eat kids!"

Now you know why we behaved when we were kids. 

Nowadays not many parents scared their children with all these so-called folklore or lies. Although these sound like lies, these actually there is truth behind it.

"There are ghost out there when it is raining on a sunny day."
If my my mother didn't scared us with the ghost. We would play with the rain. Even the day is hot, it does not mean the rain won't make us feel cold. Heat from hot ground, produced by sudden rain can cause sore throat easily.

"Don't dirty your table with rice while eating, or else you will get a spouse with many pimples."
It is quite a common sense. Clearly our mother didn't want us to play our rice when having our meal. so we are presentable while having our meal in restaurant.

"Left few rice in your bowl when you finish your meal, so you will get more rice."
So we kids won't caught licking our bowl clean.

"Don't shake your legs while eating, you will shake off all your wealth."
No one want an earthquake on a table.

"Don't be naughty, that white/dark skin guy eat kids!"
Don't talk to strangers!

Did your mother scare you with these folklore too?

Jun 1, 2011

Letting go...

As life goes on, all of us have to learn the lesson of letting go.

Old generation would leave us sooner or later. It is part of the cycle of life. Eventhough we don't want it, human will die some day. By accepting the fact makes it much easier for older generation to go and for us to let go. I am sure our grandparents, parents would like to see us live happily. They won't want to be the cause of our sorrow.

During transition between phrase of life often force us to let go of something or someone. 
When we go to further our higher education abroad, we left our family and friends back at home.
When we go to work in bigger city or other country, we left our friends.
When we found someone special, we spend more time with our someone special and neglected our friends and perhaps family.
When we get married, family comes first, friends comes later.

I believe everyone of us is a friend. A friend can't be compare to family. Family always comes first. I, from the view as a friend, learned to let go a friend. When a friend found someone special, I am happy for my friend. It is not that simple. This also means I have to let go my friend. I can't spend much time for my friend. When a friend gets married, Family is my friend's world. So off I go... hahahaha