Jun 20, 2011

Confirmation..... or NOT

Me :  Is it possible for me to meet him on Monday morning?

She: Monday morning. Ok. I will confirm with him.

Me: Ok. Bye

When she said I will confirm with him, isn't it means she will confirm with me again??
Or I have to assume that he is free on Monday morning?

Monday morning
I lost her number, and waiting for her confirmation..
Wednesday evening, sent an email asking for confirmation.
Seems like she is waiting for me to come.
Without confirmation from her, I didn't go.

It is so confusing..


[SK] said...

hmmmm, really confusing.. i guess you should have confirmed who will confirm the appointment again before leaving.. haha!!

Naomi said...

It is a phone call. Yes, actually no one is wrong here. just blur blur end a call