Jun 29, 2011

Special Indeed

In Indonesia, when you order special fried rice, you will get fried rice with a fried egg.

One day, a guy go into a whore house and wanted a PR.

"Sir, do you want special?", said the pimp.

The guy thought special would special. Special is a must. "Ok, special."

In the room, waiting for his special PR. Excited and can't wait to see his special one.

Knock! Knock!

When he open the door, standing before him is a pretty lady. Indeed special enough.

Light is not off. Hand started groping and tearing till last thread off her body.


Mind you, it is not the lady who shouted, it is the guy.




She is actually a he.
Almost everything special comes with egg in Indonesia.


AmirFX said...


[SK] said...

haha, that is indeed something very "special" right?? :D

CWMartin said...

GROAN! (But I will have to try using this one!)

Ghostynana said...

AmirFX, hehehe

[SK], any special for you, sir?

CWMartin, you groan??? Aaaahh~~~~

foongpc said...

Haha!! Moral of the story : Reject special PR : D

Naomi said...

Panda foong, just make sure you ask details before order

Sarawakiana@2 said...

So next time I order my kueh tiaw with sunny side up (mata lembu) I will have to say "Kueh tiaw special" hhahaha..

GN....now special has a special meaning....hhhhhaaaaaaa