Nov 9, 2014

Face it now

Sometimes i will procrastinate about something because i am too scare to face the matter. The thought of perform such high level task is so scary that make me tend to avoid or run away. When i face it, it is actually not that hard and it is much simpler than i thought. Feeling of relieved is so overwhelming after facing it. I realised it is only me who makes it complicated.

Next time when i want to run away, i will face it because it is only me who thinks too much.


Email becomes big chunk of my work now. It feels like i am back to early 2000. Back to the days when email was very popular because i just started to learn how to online. When the sound of modem 'diiii duuuu dooo diiii duuuu' excites me because the length of each tone plays great role in getting connection. Checking emails and forward chain mails becomes lifw routine. Nowadays no one ever get chain mail anymore. The one i miss is the beautiful and funny animated birthday card. 

Now email is not that fun. Email means have work to do. Bombard by emails can be stressful. Better just hire someone to guard the emails. Emails can be very distracting
and decrease level of effectiveness.

Life goes on in real life and virtual life.