Feb 19, 2012

Something hot in Malaysia now


Debate DAP Lim Guan Eng VS Chua Soi Lek MCA


KFC - Kung Fu Chicken


Valentine decorations! Why are they not removed yet? Quite annoying...

Feb 15, 2012

Free Government sponsored program at AMC

There are Government sponsored programs organsed at AMC, The School of Business. There are courses of different field related to computer and business. This is in Sabah, not sure in other states.


If you are free, why not take some courses.



The ICT training program is exclusively provided to the general public (Malaysians) with the aim of instilling and updating the ICT knowledge and skills. The course is designed in way of intensive and step-by-step learning approach.
The training program is available at various centers located at almost every district throughout Sabah.

Course Objective

  1. To provide the opportunity to learn and acquire the ICT literacy and skills
  2. To enhance employability
  3. To provide learner to consistently upgrading their skills and knowledge
  4. Increase ICT skills which are regarded as a core skill in all types of jobs.

List Of Courses

  1. Autocad Level 1
  2. Autocad Level 2
  3. Basic Animation (Adobe Flash) Level 1
  4. Basic Animation (Adobe Flash) Level 2
  5. Basic Computer Studies & Internet Applications
  6. Basic Networking
  7. Chinese Word Processing
  8. Computerised Accounting (MYOB) Level 1
  9. Computerised Accounting (MYOB) Level 2
  10. Database (MS Access) Level 1
  11. Database (MS Access) Level 2
  12. E- Job Hunting
  13. Facebook & Twitter
  14. Google Applications
  15. Google Sketchup
  16. Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator) Level 1
  17. Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator) Level 2
  18. Graphic Design Level 1 (Corel draw)
  19. Graphic Design Level 2 (Corel draw)
  20. Movie Editing
  21. On-Line Shopping & Income Tax Declaration
  22. Operating System (Windows 7)
  23. Computerised Payroll
  24. Photo Editing (Photoshop) Level 1
  25. Photo Editing (Photoshop) Level 2
  26. Presentation (Open Office - Impress)
  27. Presentation (Ms Powerpoint) Level 1
  28. Presentation (Ms Powerpoint) Level 2
  29. Publishing (Ms Publisher)
  30. Spreadsheet (Open Office - Calc)
  31. Spreadsheet (Ms Excel) Level 1
  32. Spreadsheet (Ms Excel) Level 2
  33. Computerised Stock Control
  34. Computerised Accounting Level 1
  35. Computerised Accounting Level 2
  36. Web-page Design (MS Expression Web)
  37. Webpage Design (Dreamweaver) Level 1
  38. Webpage Design (Dreamweaver) Level 2
  39. Word Processing (Ms Word) Level 1
  40. Word Processing (Ms Word) Level 2
  41. Word Processing (Open Office - Writer)
  42. PC Maintenance
  43. Keyboarding (Typing) Skill

Feb 14, 2012

How to win lucky draw?

I still remember my 1st lucky draw gift of my life. It is an umbrella. That was ages ago.

Just in one week, i regained my good luck and won lucky draw twice in a week.
Last Friday, i won a big hamper full of junk food.

After 2 day, i won a EOS memory card reader. A cute one but quite impractical.

Let me share the way to control the luck so we can get what we want. The key is our will to feel we won't get it. Normally we would want to win a lucky draw. Just don't wish you can get it. W

There are many gift, when it is turn for umbrella to the the gift of lucky draw, quickly wish you can get it. When it is expensive bag as lucky draw gift, quickly change your mind and emotion to disappointed mode, quickly feel that you won't get it. It is the moment you may get!

I tested and prove it effective. Actually before i won my 2nd lucky draw. Emcee told us the lucky draw gifts for that round are expensive ladylike camerabag. I quickly think i wont get it. It is at that moment my no was called out. I was so shocked when i was given a cute useless memory card reader..........

Thanks for my friend www for tipping me on this, after she won RM512.

Feb 10, 2012

Breeze Model Search

Had our last stop shopping for the day at Suria Sabah.

A surprise to see Breeze Model Search catwalk in practice. Miaw..

This is their runway. A long red carpet with rude judges at the end of it.

Although I am not qualified for that runway, I am qualified for this long walk. Eyes straight, tilt chin, not too much smile, swing my butt on my way to the toilet.

Feb 2, 2012

CNY 2012 in Putian, China

Because some political people kept asking Malaysian Chinese to go back China, my family gladly return to China for Chinese New Year.
My grandfather is from Sin Hua clan, Putian, China. This is our first time back to Putian. As typical Malaysian Chinese, our minds were full of bad assumptions. Glad that all turn out much better than we thought!

Zhen sian chi, Dong hai zhen is the name of the village, near Seng You, 2 hours drive from Xia Men. Transportation is very convenient. There are long distance buses from Guang Zhou airport to Seng You.

Most people get married around the age of 17-20 years old, same as typical village. Most of young generation does not stay in the village. So chinese new year is the time of matchmaking, there will be many ladies doll up in every home. Parents will take their son around the village in search of son's life partner. When their son met the girl he likes, they can even get engaged after few days. Mostly don't get married legally yet, because they want to have many children. This is due to China one child policy. If 1stborn is daughter, they can have another child after 5 years. There will be a fine if they have another child. They won't be fined if they hv many many children before legally married.
3 major thing in their life are get married, have children and have house. Many of them work in city and have their own business. They built 4-5 floors of house. But they only stay on 1-2 floors. Their big tall houses locked for the rest of the year because they will only go back to the village during chinese new year.
Only in Putian, celebration of chinese new year is different. 3rd day of CNY is birthday for those who are 60 years and above. 4th day is like CNY eve. 5th day is even merrier than 1st day of CNY. In Putian, you get 1 year older on CNY. On 15 day, each house will send a representative to carry lanterns to form a long line imitating dragon's tail and march around villages. My cousin told me usually the event take place around 7 pm to 1 am.