Feb 15, 2012

Free Government sponsored program at AMC

There are Government sponsored programs organsed at AMC, The School of Business. There are courses of different field related to computer and business. This is in Sabah, not sure in other states.


If you are free, why not take some courses.



The ICT training program is exclusively provided to the general public (Malaysians) with the aim of instilling and updating the ICT knowledge and skills. The course is designed in way of intensive and step-by-step learning approach.
The training program is available at various centers located at almost every district throughout Sabah.

Course Objective

  1. To provide the opportunity to learn and acquire the ICT literacy and skills
  2. To enhance employability
  3. To provide learner to consistently upgrading their skills and knowledge
  4. Increase ICT skills which are regarded as a core skill in all types of jobs.

List Of Courses

  1. Autocad Level 1
  2. Autocad Level 2
  3. Basic Animation (Adobe Flash) Level 1
  4. Basic Animation (Adobe Flash) Level 2
  5. Basic Computer Studies & Internet Applications
  6. Basic Networking
  7. Chinese Word Processing
  8. Computerised Accounting (MYOB) Level 1
  9. Computerised Accounting (MYOB) Level 2
  10. Database (MS Access) Level 1
  11. Database (MS Access) Level 2
  12. E- Job Hunting
  13. Facebook & Twitter
  14. Google Applications
  15. Google Sketchup
  16. Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator) Level 1
  17. Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator) Level 2
  18. Graphic Design Level 1 (Corel draw)
  19. Graphic Design Level 2 (Corel draw)
  20. Movie Editing
  21. On-Line Shopping & Income Tax Declaration
  22. Operating System (Windows 7)
  23. Computerised Payroll
  24. Photo Editing (Photoshop) Level 1
  25. Photo Editing (Photoshop) Level 2
  26. Presentation (Open Office - Impress)
  27. Presentation (Ms Powerpoint) Level 1
  28. Presentation (Ms Powerpoint) Level 2
  29. Publishing (Ms Publisher)
  30. Spreadsheet (Open Office - Calc)
  31. Spreadsheet (Ms Excel) Level 1
  32. Spreadsheet (Ms Excel) Level 2
  33. Computerised Stock Control
  34. Computerised Accounting Level 1
  35. Computerised Accounting Level 2
  36. Web-page Design (MS Expression Web)
  37. Webpage Design (Dreamweaver) Level 1
  38. Webpage Design (Dreamweaver) Level 2
  39. Word Processing (Ms Word) Level 1
  40. Word Processing (Ms Word) Level 2
  41. Word Processing (Open Office - Writer)
  42. PC Maintenance
  43. Keyboarding (Typing) Skill


[SK] said...

oh, free trainings?? wow, looks interesting woh, i may want to try those web and graphic related course.. thanks for sharing!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

In Miri?

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

thanks for sharing! :) you applying for this? good luck!

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