Feb 14, 2012

How to win lucky draw?

I still remember my 1st lucky draw gift of my life. It is an umbrella. That was ages ago.

Just in one week, i regained my good luck and won lucky draw twice in a week.
Last Friday, i won a big hamper full of junk food.

After 2 day, i won a EOS memory card reader. A cute one but quite impractical.

Let me share the way to control the luck so we can get what we want. The key is our will to feel we won't get it. Normally we would want to win a lucky draw. Just don't wish you can get it. W

There are many gift, when it is turn for umbrella to the the gift of lucky draw, quickly wish you can get it. When it is expensive bag as lucky draw gift, quickly change your mind and emotion to disappointed mode, quickly feel that you won't get it. It is the moment you may get!

I tested and prove it effective. Actually before i won my 2nd lucky draw. Emcee told us the lucky draw gifts for that round are expensive ladylike camerabag. I quickly think i wont get it. It is at that moment my no was called out. I was so shocked when i was given a cute useless memory card reader..........

Thanks for my friend www for tipping me on this, after she won RM512.

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AmirFX said...

Okeh.. Nanti cuba.. haha.. :p