Oct 31, 2009



Flower, originally uploaded by Miumiu Liu liu.

While I am stuck at home, I found a tutorial in DPS. I produced a kaleidoscope from a photo of butterfly and flower.

I am super stud in photoshop. This tutorial is gave me a chance to know more of basic setting of Photoshop.
At least something to do before I am bored to death.

Below is the original photo, taken at Butterfly Garden, Terminal 3, Changi Singapore Airport.

Original photo
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Sick on weekend~~~~

The worst thing that can happen on weekend is getting sick.
When I get sick, I need to rest.
If I don't get enough rest, I will sick for more than 1 week.
I have to refrain myself from going out.

Today is Saturday, planned to have a photo shoot session this afternoon.
But too sick to go, I need to sleep.

It is enough sleep on weekdays, now I have to sleep on weekend. How enjoyable it is~~~~ (sarcastic mode).

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Oct 30, 2009


I am Amarula. For more information please click Amarula. It is not recommended to view Amarula with Slowmyx. It will take ages to fully load up. I am a beverage with 17% of alcohol. I am a product of South Africa from Africa Amarula's fruit. According to Wiki, there is a tale of elephants get drunk from eating fermented fruit of Amarula. 

I do not know much about myself. I am just a beverage after all....

Review by owner:
I bought this in Johannesburg international airport. It is cheaper to buy 2 bottle of 1 litre each, cost around 12 USD a bottle. If only buy 1 bottle, will cost around 13 USD.
I gave one bottle to my friend as a belated birthday present in this post.
It smells like caramel when we 1st opened it.
On the first round, we mixed it with fresh milk only. It tastes caramel sweet.
Then we mixed it with fresh milk and diet Coke. It tastes like vanilla float (vanilla ice cream with Coke).
After I drank 2 small cup of the cocktail, I felt very relaxing and sleeping. It is like I had drunk Yomeishu.
No hangover on the next day, or maybe because I was not drunk that night.
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Oct 27, 2009

Have license also can masuk longkang....

Have license also can masuk longkang....
Driving kungfu tak sampai rumah punya....
Trying to make stupid short cut is not recommended....
It is actually lucky in disguise. If not masuk longkang, I will got hit by other car!!!

If got hit, the outcome may not only involve the car, maybe my life will be at risk!
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Oct 26, 2009


Waiting for my destiny...

Life is what you make it,so let's make it memorable
A walk to remember. Life is what you make it, so let's make is memorable.

Only you
Only him...

Only you... I guess

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Oct 24, 2009

Smiling Fifi

Smiling Fifi, originally uploaded by Miumiu Liu liu.
Fifi is my house pet.
See how happy she smile.
She is actually one of the member of our family.
She is very smart too.
She is the only dog we know that eat fish.
Maybe she is a cat in disguise.
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Leonard is cooking

Leonard is cooking
Dinner on 21 Oct 2009.
Cook : Leonard
Beverage supplier : Nana
Help in eating : Karen

Cocktail ingredient: Amarula, Fresh Trim Milk, Diet Coke.
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Oct 22, 2009


Being thr, drank there. smell there

My resolution starting from next month, I will not go to a bar-like place.

I just came back from a place like that.

After being to that kind of place, I felt like I have a layer of tar in my mouth, my nose, my lung, my hair and my skin.

I was torturing myself by being a second hand smoke, when I have the choice to leave early or by not going.

When I reached home, immediately I overhauled myself. I washed myself from head to toe. I brushed my teeth, rinsed with Listerine. If I can rinsed my lung with Listerine, I will do so.

I so dislike smokes.
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Oct 20, 2009

Uncle Lee's blog - Seducing A Man's Heart Thru His Eyes....

Just read Uncle Lee's blog.

His recently post is very special. It just makes me feel that I am so beautiful.

Seducing A Man's Heart Thru His Eyes....

Uncle Lee quoted "She is beautiful because we love her."

I agreed with this.. Witnessed it.

When a man loves a woman, although the woman looks average in others' eyes, in his eyes, she is the most beautiful woman. Her smile makes him sees only her...

Most men like long hair woman. Many male colleagues of mine said long hair gives them satisfaction when they caressed woman's hair from top to the end of hair.
My version of that is, if her hair end reached her bottom, he can caress her from top of her head till her bottom.... nice ending...

I don't know why I keep smiling and feeling very happy when I was reading that post.

I am not going to make any bad comment about myself, as it will emit bad vibe.

"What you need to do is not just 'be yourself' but to be your BEST self", quoted from Uncle Lee.

I am in the process of becoming my BEST self.

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Law of Attraction

I was reading this book called Law of Attraction, found it somewhere on a table in one of the room of my brother's house.

"Every single moment you have a mood or a feeling. In this moment right now, the mood or feeling you are experiencing is causing you to emit or send out a negative or positive vibration." Pg. 14, Law of Attraction, Michael J. Losier.

" Even though you may not be aware of it, you are perpetuating the Observation Cycle. The Law of attraction will respond to your vibration, whether positive or negative, by giving you more of what you are vibrating." Pg.19, Law of Attraction, Michael J. Losier.

Above are sentences from that book.

What I understands from what I read (47 out of 142 pages), is that when we complained more about what we don't want and dislike, we will get more of what we dislike. When we focus of things we want and like, we will get what we want and like.

I am taking myself as a case study.


Object     :  Nana
Location : Aisle seat Boeing 747-400
Nana stood up on the seat to put her heavy backpack into the luggage storage above the seats (suddenly forgot the name and too late to think about the name).
Nana sat beside a guy, quite big. He is South African with fair skin, aged around 55 (he did mention that he is going to retire soon). He asked Nana to change seat with him but Nana refused him because Nana is selfish and she loves aisle seat. Nana doesn't like to be squeezed in the middle seat by 2 men. Nana told him she will give him more space by leaning more to the aisle when sitting there. He misheard Nana and thanks Nana by kissing the back of Nana's hand.
Nana had to re-told him again about him be rejected by her. Nana feels bad because had to reject another man again.
Then Nana and this guy start a conversation. He is going to Bali on 18 December. Nana made a mistake by asking, 'Are you going there with your family?' (This is a mistake because it may mislead him into thinking that I am interested in his marriage status). Almost slap myself for asking that question.

He clarified himself by saying he is single (single at around 50s).......

He even invited me to join him in Bali! *sigh*.....

Nana can only tell him the truth...

"I will be working that time, I will go to work early of December", said Nana with a smile.

Conclusion of case study:
Nana is emitting vibration that attracted much older and matured man.


I had this kind of incidence before. This is not the 1st time that much older man attracted to me.
Once a bus driver asked me to be his 3rd wife! I even ask about his age. Clearly he is much older than my father. I even said if I marry you, how will my father call you? Should my father call you son-in-law, or uncle? *_*'''
(Asian always called an older man as uncle)

What was actually I am emitting?? Did I complained about I attracted older men??? Maybe I did.....

Ok. From now on, I won't complain about old men. I will complain about so many cute guys looking at me when I was airport or shopping mall (I am not les)... And my mind will daydream about prince charming 24 hours a day....

No harm in trying sending positive vibe. Maybe my prince charming will drop from the sky tomorrow!

By the way, the author's name is Loser Losier.
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Oct 19, 2009

commenting a blog changed status of yahoo messenger???!!!

Something weird is going on blogging world.....

Last time I dropped a comment in one of the blogs. Last thing I expected is that on my yahoo messenger's status, written that I commented a post in that blog. Thanks to my friend who told me about my status, because I can not see the status on my ym's status.

Then I retraced back to when I wrote the comment, I also wrote my email address.

Maybe that blog's personal setting sets that it will automatically change the status of that written email's messenger in order to promote that blog......

I felt manipulated....and.....sabotaged...

From now on, I will boycott any blog that required commenter to write email address before write any comment!!
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When I was working, everyday I had a goal. Everyday I work that I can go on leave. Everyday I count I count the days left before I can be home.

When I am on leave, I achieve my goal that is to be at home.

Suddenly I felt so empty......

Is it because I get what I wanted, and suddenly out of objective?

Will it happen when I found someone I love and I had him?

Will I find my life is full of emptiness after I get what I want?

What is satisfaction?

Is emptiness the outcome of being satisfied?

Should we set an unrealistic goal? So we will always have a goal to chase and will not be satisfied, thus no emptiness......

Only the Lord Jesus Christ is my satisfaction!
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Oct 13, 2009

Tips for travel to uncivilised location from Nana (a female homosapien)

  1. If you lost your luggage at the airport, and desperately need to wash your oily face, please use body soap to wash your face. It will keeps your face out of any oily particles and also out of any fans for almost one year. It will make you feels cleaner and also feels the outbreak of acne and blackheads.
  2. Skip the trip to hair salon before travel. It will keep your hair thicker and bouncier than ever. Split ends will doubled up the volume of your hair after 3 weeks. After 6 weeks, split of split ends will unimaginable.
  3. Do not check the weather of your destination and transit countries. Dramatic change of weather keeps your life interesting. It is a very exciting life when you do not have thick clothes for very cold weather! Don't bother yourself bringing heavy luggage with sweater.
  4. There is no need to check your visa before you travel for work. You may end up spending few days in luxury hotel if your company is generous. Or you may end up in a nice apartment with no man as heater to warm you up on cold days of winter in South Africa.
That's for now.....
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Oct 12, 2009

Ring ring 2

I think if I was writing for an english exam, I will failed miserably.

I keep thinking that post have weird essay structure. In the beginning, I was talking about iTalk card, then suddenly talked about my uni life with limited supply of money. Then, I proceed to talking about 1 second call.....


Then I suddenly, I remember that I used 2 phone cards when I was in uni. Ring ring card is for local calls and iTalk card is for abroad call as in calling from Peninsular Malaysia to Sarawak. Even though it is still in same country, it is still consider not local call. Maybe because the signal have to cross South China Sea.

Ring ring card is good because there is no need to waste time counting how much do I have to pay when the phone bill comes every month. Usually everyone have to write down their name and duration of each call made for every local call. In the phone bill, only recorded phone calls made to mobile phone and oversea calls. Most of the times, every person will have to pay more than they used because the bill usually exceed what have been recorded. In order to prevent paying more than usage, I will just use ring ring card, never use Telekom phone to make local call from Telekom line. It really saved up all the trouble.

Almost every week, I get home sick when I was in Miri. The only cure to that is to call my mother and tell her 'Mama, I want to drink milk', chinese version is 'Mama, wo yao he nen nen.'  Even though I do not get my milk, at least I made my mother laughed. Calling from Johor to my home, usually cost RM 1 by local rate (local call). I think using iTalk card made it cheaper... if not mistaken... Jusst can't remember how much cheaper.

Sometimes when I got homesick, there is no need for me to call my mother. All I need to do is missing miss missing missing her very much or curled up on my bed hugging my smelly pillow and cried silently.. My mother usually called me when I did that. The is so-called maternal instinct. Mother cow usually knows when her baby needs milk.


Maybe that is one of the reason I have generous front side. Because I get milk whenever I need it, even without asking for it......
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Oct 9, 2009

*Ring* *ring*

that nuffnang ad beside my post is very tempting. so colourful and so cute....

My mouse have the urge to click it...

I do not know what is it showing on my blog now. But when I was looking at my blog, it is iTalk ad.

I used iTalk when i was in uni. So when I sw this ad, It reminds me of my student life....

Life as a student is the poorest life. My only income for a semester (4 months) is only RM3500 from PTPTN. My school fee for 1 semester was around RM1100. So after deducted my school fee, I will have only around RM 2400 to last for 4 month.

Every month, I have
House rent RM            130 x 4 = RM 520
Meal                   2.50 x 3 x 30 =       225
Flight ticket home MAS            =       350
Total                                      =      1095

All the money I left is only.... RM 1305......
Every month, I can only spend RM 326.25 for leisure....
Precious... Every cent was very precious.... 

During that time, having a mobile phone is consider a luxury and calling 1 second was very popular back then. 1 second call will not cost you anything. So many people will make a call with just one word and hang up. If they have a long message to convey, they will have to make many 1 second call.

 *Ring* *ring* 'come'. 
            *Ring* *ring* 'pick'.
                     *Ring* *ring* 'me'.
                           *Ring* *ring* 'up'.
                                  *Ring* *ring* 'hurry'.

 *Ring* *ring* 'I'. 
            *Ring* *ring* 'love'.
                     *Ring* *ring* 'you'.

So when if I got robbed and need help, I will called my friend for help like this.
*Ring* *ring* 'Help!'. 
            *Ring* *ring* 'I'.
                     *Ring* *ring* 'got'.
                           *Ring* *ring* 'robbed'.
                                        *Ring* *ring* 'I'.
                                           *Ring* *ring* 'at'. 
                                                *Ring* *ring* 'behind'.
                                                            *Ring* *ring* 'Ayub'.
Then my friend will call back.

*Ring* *ring* 'Which'. 
           *Ring* *ring* 'Ayub?'.

*Ring* *ring* '3'.

My friend:
        *Ring* *ring* 'I'. 
            *Ring* *ring* 'don't'.
                     *Ring* *ring* 'know'.
                           *Ring* *ring* 'ayub'.
                                   *Ring* *ring* '3'.
                                        *Ring* *ring* 'can'. 
                                               *Ring* *ring* 'I'.
                                                  *Ring* *ring* 'Ask'.
                                                        *Ring* *ring* 'my'. 
                                                              *Ring* *ring* 'friend'.                                                                                           *Ring* *ring* 'go'. 

#$%&!@)*tahi!!@$@$&^ bersetubuhan sama kamu#$^&
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Cried out of a ship

"I need to rest at a port."

Not yet, the vast sea is still wide for you to sail.

"My propeller is wearing out, I really need to rest!"

 Ah! All you is a diver to get that rust out and you will be fine.

"My engine does not sound right, I need a rest urgently!"

 No worries! Super lub lubricants will lube you up and you will sound as good as new.

One day when she was middle of nowhere.

Her propellers just got too wasted out and stop working.

One of the gears of her engine just lost its function and screwed up the whole engine. 

She was just too heavy and current was too strong, no tugboat was able to drag her to shore anymore. 

She was abandoned and just flow with the current.

Her only hope is to be able to stop sailing and to find a resting place.

"Is it that impossible to find a resting place even when I am so broken and unwanted?"

The sea heard her cried out and still continues pushing her.

Day and night, waves just keep hitting her without any purpose.

"I am so tired that I think I will just die here."

When she was going to expire, she landed on a small island of rocks.

Finally she stops sailing.

Finally she gets to rest in peace.
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Oct 8, 2009

Covenant between Nana and Al

A covenant is made at 8.56 pm Malaysia local time, on 8 October 2009 between Nana and Al.

This covenant due by 8.55 pm Malaysia local time, 8 October 2010.

By the time this covenant expired, if the Cat still like to eat mouse, Al will have to treat Nana a grand feast at Siamese Secret.

If the Cat lose his taste to mouse and changed his taste to sweets, Nana really have to treat Al a grand feast at Siamese Secret and will serve Al a tea.

Covenant sealed with virtual a promise from both side.

SEALED and will RE- OPEN at 8.56 pm, on 8 October 2010.
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Oct 7, 2009

Cover letter and resume for the post of a girlfriend / future life partner

Application for the post of girlfriend / future life partner.

Dear Miaw,

I am sending this cover letter into your heart.

I hope that your heart will have a place to accommodate my love for you.

My love to you may not be greater than your mother's love to you, but my love is sincerely from the deepest of my heart.

Although I do not like to cook, for you, I am willing to learn all arts of cooking from the best cook. My dream is to see you happy and be satisfied with my homemade dishes.

I understand that the arts of love are as important as the arts of cooking. No worries. I am a fast learner and adventurous.

I have all qualifications as a female, with generous front side and back side. No modification, transformation or alteration was done to me physically. Genuine and approved by internationally.

Hopefully you will accept me as your girlfriend/future life partner.

I will cherish your presence everyday, love you everyday till death do us apart.




Name :  Nana
D.O.B : On the day I fell in love with you
Occupation : Loving you and stalking you

Working Experience:

1. Stalked and scared away dozens of male suitors.

- Genuine lady
- A good lover fast learner

WARNING! All above is under the copyright of ghostynana.blogspot.com.
Any copycat who use my cover letter to confess to his or her partner have to respect my writing and mention to your partner that you stole from ghostynana site, you have to follow my blog and gives comment to every post I wrote! If not, you will be cursed with the curse of no love for the rest of your life!

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Oct 5, 2009


I felt like I just got a new toy.

I just get a new gadget for my blog, a flag counter.

ee.. so excited.... see so many numbers going up... see so many flags....eee

so many numbers....

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CC clean your lappy or computer!

The month of October has just begun with Facebook hacked by slimming pills ads.

This hacker is very smart in deceiving people. I noticed that the ads are not always have the same wording.

I'm 8 1/2 pounds lighter thanks to the FREE trial pack of this new colon cleanser that I got! visit ColonCleanerXL.com to get yours! uXE


I'm 8 1/2 pounds lighter thanks to the FREE trial pack of this new colon cleanser that I got! visit ColonCleanerXL.com to get yours! Cuv

I got these 2 ads from 2 of my friends' Facebooks. Do you notice any difference? One ends with uxE and another ends with Cuv. I was almost deceived by it too. But I refrained myself from clicking it. When I saw more and more people having same ads, it is confirmed a hacker!

Last month, actually there is some kind of warning this is coming. When there are lots of application auto tag the picture outcomes from the applications. 


Most of the applications are like 'Fans count', 'friends count' or bla bla. Usually those people who like to make statistic of how popular they are will play this application. No denial that I tried the application too. Not soon after I see how popular I am, I read a post of warning bout these application. So I fast fast delete the application and fast fast post out the warning.


Maybe because I am an unpopular nerd, seems like everyone ignored my post and continue the application.


A guy once did not believe me that these application have problem, and willing to take responsibility if anyone's computer get virus or whatsoever! 


It was such a relief that someone willing to be responsible. So now we can blame him if our Facebook got hacked!




Jokes aside, everyone's Facebook got hacked, please cc clean your computer with CCleaner

Suddenly my post also changed its style... puhlease don't hack my blog!!
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Oct 4, 2009

Lesson about Minesweeper

I am so bad about teaching. Always ran out of patience when I teach someone. Although I always laugh when I teach, my students always feel intimidated by my loud voice. My juniors always think I am a lioness when I taught them ... ^ ^'''

This is my 1st attempt in writing manual on my blog. Hopefully no one will be scare of minesweeper after reading my manual...

My 1st trial in playing minesweeper was when I was around age 16. My brother taught me how to play it just by saying, "all you need to do is click click." Of course, I catch no ball. What an instruction of play is that! Click click???

My 2nd attempt was when I am at uni at age 17. My kind housemate taught me all about minesweeper. She didn't just said click click and I did catch all click click.

Introduction to Minesweeper! 

< Beginner                      


Minesweeper is very cute because it has a smiley face. It is smiling when no bomb explode and sad when you found the bomb. Just click the smiley when you feel like starting a new game. Don't be shy in clicking it.

At left top, there is a box count of how many bombs in a minesweeper.

At top right, there is a box count of how much time used to complete a game. Please try to finish it as as soon as possible.

There are 3 levels - beginner, intermediate and expert. Some people like to challenge themselves to finish beginner level in just couple second. Oooooffff! Their finger must be like bullet and with very good luck in clicking.

Goal - finish a.s.a.p without tripping over a bomb, or else you will lost a limb or 2 limbs or your life.


Please do not get intimidated by so many small boxes. It is not a confined place with limited oxygen, so don't get agitated and breathe normally.

what does that '1' doing there? Does it mean anything? Let's zoom in before any further explanation.

This '1' means there is only 1 bomb at its surrounding box. 

This will happen when  you click click and found a bomb.

No limb lost, just a sad smiley face. No one will want a sad smiley face. so try to make it happy as long as we can.

Now we know how to estimate the location of bombs just by looking at numbers. What do we do to acknowledge the existence of a bomb?
It is easy. Just right click the box. Flagged it!

That is all about minesweeper. My 2 cents is that this game is about luck, fact finger clicking and how friend is your eyes with your mind.
My luck is only 0.1 %. I have to play 200 times to win once!

Happy sweeping!

Oh yeah! I just remember that mines = bombs. That's why it is called minesweeper!
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Oct 2, 2009


This post is not about any S.T.A.L.K.E.R game.

It is about me and MEEEE.

I spent too much time googling and reading rubbish online!

I always find information related to my friends.

It makes me feel like I had become a stalker. I didn't go find it purposely....

I just found it...

Don't blame me..

Blame on google...

I want to hide in rabbit hole, so I won't find anymore information. Unless you are the rabbit living in that rabbit hole!
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... me photo.... me choc...

I am sulking now....
I found out that I do not like people to post my photo without my permission....
From now on, I will put my name on every photo I post online...
It is so uncool to post photo without the owner's permission on their site....
At least give some credit to the owner if really wanted to post it!

Sulking BIG!!!

I better eat more choc now before I BLAST!

......as if bloated is better than blasted.......

I am not in my sound mind... as you see... not much choc left for my screwed mind.........
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A choc a day, keeps the block away

I was so tired today, mentally tired. I had mental block and can not write anything.

All I had in my mind is the buzzy feeling.

After answering nature's call, I grab a choc and let it melt on my tongue.

That choc is a magic! my mind spring to life!

That choc save my blog! What else can I say except thanks, choc.....

I will forever eat you....
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Oct 1, 2009

Wakes me up when September end...

Today is the first day of October. September just ended.

How is your september?

Mine is just ok, or more unlucky than usual.

In Sept, I 'left' my hand on the door when I enter cabin component of 1st deck. My mind forgot to send signal to my hand to release the door handle when my body move forward, completely ignoring my hand. It is kinda stupid thing to do... left my hand on the door... I can't move my fingers for about 1 week after the incidence. This week is my 2nd week to recovery, my hand just regain a bit strength.

In Sept, I acted very childish by arguing with a acquittance on Facebook. Insulting episodes began and no return for any friendship.

In Sept, many people got married on 090909, and also many people gave birth to babies. This make me overwhelmed with love and happiness. Wish all happiness to newly wed and newborn babies!

My September is considerable ok compare to some people who had bad luck continuosly.

A blogger had so many mishap continuously that can be said 'jatuh tangga, ditimpa tangga dan tiang', which means bad luck continuously.

A photographer had his hand hurt and been tricked by vendor, which almost make him failed to accomplish a project..

A friend's family members keep falling down on their butt.

A net friend who almost had accident when her car tire blast when she was driving fast, insulted by boss after the incident, and was discourage from her 'lao gong'.

The mother nature cause chaos to many countries. Earthquake and tsunami in Samoa, earthquakes in Padang, Indonesia...

Hopefully this month will be much better for all!
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