Oct 30, 2009


I am Amarula. For more information please click Amarula. It is not recommended to view Amarula with Slowmyx. It will take ages to fully load up. I am a beverage with 17% of alcohol. I am a product of South Africa from Africa Amarula's fruit. According to Wiki, there is a tale of elephants get drunk from eating fermented fruit of Amarula. 

I do not know much about myself. I am just a beverage after all....

Review by owner:
I bought this in Johannesburg international airport. It is cheaper to buy 2 bottle of 1 litre each, cost around 12 USD a bottle. If only buy 1 bottle, will cost around 13 USD.
I gave one bottle to my friend as a belated birthday present in this post.
It smells like caramel when we 1st opened it.
On the first round, we mixed it with fresh milk only. It tastes caramel sweet.
Then we mixed it with fresh milk and diet Coke. It tastes like vanilla float (vanilla ice cream with Coke).
After I drank 2 small cup of the cocktail, I felt very relaxing and sleeping. It is like I had drunk Yomeishu.
No hangover on the next day, or maybe because I was not drunk that night.
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kenwooi said...

i dont like to drink.. so amarula you're not my type.. =P


Ghosty Nana said...

hahahaha.. don't worry, the owner doesn't like to drink alcohol too. :P