Oct 7, 2009

Cover letter and resume for the post of a girlfriend / future life partner

Application for the post of girlfriend / future life partner.

Dear Miaw,

I am sending this cover letter into your heart.

I hope that your heart will have a place to accommodate my love for you.

My love to you may not be greater than your mother's love to you, but my love is sincerely from the deepest of my heart.

Although I do not like to cook, for you, I am willing to learn all arts of cooking from the best cook. My dream is to see you happy and be satisfied with my homemade dishes.

I understand that the arts of love are as important as the arts of cooking. No worries. I am a fast learner and adventurous.

I have all qualifications as a female, with generous front side and back side. No modification, transformation or alteration was done to me physically. Genuine and approved by internationally.

Hopefully you will accept me as your girlfriend/future life partner.

I will cherish your presence everyday, love you everyday till death do us apart.




Name :  Nana
D.O.B : On the day I fell in love with you
Occupation : Loving you and stalking you

Working Experience:

1. Stalked and scared away dozens of male suitors.

- Genuine lady
- A good lover fast learner

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bubbleberry said...

i love u too lol Miaw......

Ghosty Nana said...

i wished for a male miaw..... *-*'''

bubbleberry said...

soli la .... i dun have kuku hahahaahah