Oct 20, 2009

Law of Attraction

I was reading this book called Law of Attraction, found it somewhere on a table in one of the room of my brother's house.

"Every single moment you have a mood or a feeling. In this moment right now, the mood or feeling you are experiencing is causing you to emit or send out a negative or positive vibration." Pg. 14, Law of Attraction, Michael J. Losier.

" Even though you may not be aware of it, you are perpetuating the Observation Cycle. The Law of attraction will respond to your vibration, whether positive or negative, by giving you more of what you are vibrating." Pg.19, Law of Attraction, Michael J. Losier.

Above are sentences from that book.

What I understands from what I read (47 out of 142 pages), is that when we complained more about what we don't want and dislike, we will get more of what we dislike. When we focus of things we want and like, we will get what we want and like.

I am taking myself as a case study.


Object     :  Nana
Location : Aisle seat Boeing 747-400
Nana stood up on the seat to put her heavy backpack into the luggage storage above the seats (suddenly forgot the name and too late to think about the name).
Nana sat beside a guy, quite big. He is South African with fair skin, aged around 55 (he did mention that he is going to retire soon). He asked Nana to change seat with him but Nana refused him because Nana is selfish and she loves aisle seat. Nana doesn't like to be squeezed in the middle seat by 2 men. Nana told him she will give him more space by leaning more to the aisle when sitting there. He misheard Nana and thanks Nana by kissing the back of Nana's hand.
Nana had to re-told him again about him be rejected by her. Nana feels bad because had to reject another man again.
Then Nana and this guy start a conversation. He is going to Bali on 18 December. Nana made a mistake by asking, 'Are you going there with your family?' (This is a mistake because it may mislead him into thinking that I am interested in his marriage status). Almost slap myself for asking that question.

He clarified himself by saying he is single (single at around 50s).......

He even invited me to join him in Bali! *sigh*.....

Nana can only tell him the truth...

"I will be working that time, I will go to work early of December", said Nana with a smile.

Conclusion of case study:
Nana is emitting vibration that attracted much older and matured man.


I had this kind of incidence before. This is not the 1st time that much older man attracted to me.
Once a bus driver asked me to be his 3rd wife! I even ask about his age. Clearly he is much older than my father. I even said if I marry you, how will my father call you? Should my father call you son-in-law, or uncle? *_*'''
(Asian always called an older man as uncle)

What was actually I am emitting?? Did I complained about I attracted older men??? Maybe I did.....

Ok. From now on, I won't complain about old men. I will complain about so many cute guys looking at me when I was airport or shopping mall (I am not les)... And my mind will daydream about prince charming 24 hours a day....

No harm in trying sending positive vibe. Maybe my prince charming will drop from the sky tomorrow!

By the way, the author's name is Loser Losier.
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