Oct 1, 2009

Wakes me up when September end...

Today is the first day of October. September just ended.

How is your september?

Mine is just ok, or more unlucky than usual.

In Sept, I 'left' my hand on the door when I enter cabin component of 1st deck. My mind forgot to send signal to my hand to release the door handle when my body move forward, completely ignoring my hand. It is kinda stupid thing to do... left my hand on the door... I can't move my fingers for about 1 week after the incidence. This week is my 2nd week to recovery, my hand just regain a bit strength.

In Sept, I acted very childish by arguing with a acquittance on Facebook. Insulting episodes began and no return for any friendship.

In Sept, many people got married on 090909, and also many people gave birth to babies. This make me overwhelmed with love and happiness. Wish all happiness to newly wed and newborn babies!

My September is considerable ok compare to some people who had bad luck continuosly.

A blogger had so many mishap continuously that can be said 'jatuh tangga, ditimpa tangga dan tiang', which means bad luck continuously.

A photographer had his hand hurt and been tricked by vendor, which almost make him failed to accomplish a project..

A friend's family members keep falling down on their butt.

A net friend who almost had accident when her car tire blast when she was driving fast, insulted by boss after the incident, and was discourage from her 'lao gong'.

The mother nature cause chaos to many countries. Earthquake and tsunami in Samoa, earthquakes in Padang, Indonesia...

Hopefully this month will be much better for all!
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