Oct 12, 2009

Ring ring 2

I think if I was writing for an english exam, I will failed miserably.

I keep thinking that post have weird essay structure. In the beginning, I was talking about iTalk card, then suddenly talked about my uni life with limited supply of money. Then, I proceed to talking about 1 second call.....


Then I suddenly, I remember that I used 2 phone cards when I was in uni. Ring ring card is for local calls and iTalk card is for abroad call as in calling from Peninsular Malaysia to Sarawak. Even though it is still in same country, it is still consider not local call. Maybe because the signal have to cross South China Sea.

Ring ring card is good because there is no need to waste time counting how much do I have to pay when the phone bill comes every month. Usually everyone have to write down their name and duration of each call made for every local call. In the phone bill, only recorded phone calls made to mobile phone and oversea calls. Most of the times, every person will have to pay more than they used because the bill usually exceed what have been recorded. In order to prevent paying more than usage, I will just use ring ring card, never use Telekom phone to make local call from Telekom line. It really saved up all the trouble.

Almost every week, I get home sick when I was in Miri. The only cure to that is to call my mother and tell her 'Mama, I want to drink milk', chinese version is 'Mama, wo yao he nen nen.'  Even though I do not get my milk, at least I made my mother laughed. Calling from Johor to my home, usually cost RM 1 by local rate (local call). I think using iTalk card made it cheaper... if not mistaken... Jusst can't remember how much cheaper.

Sometimes when I got homesick, there is no need for me to call my mother. All I need to do is missing miss missing missing her very much or curled up on my bed hugging my smelly pillow and cried silently.. My mother usually called me when I did that. The is so-called maternal instinct. Mother cow usually knows when her baby needs milk.


Maybe that is one of the reason I have generous front side. Because I get milk whenever I need it, even without asking for it......
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