Oct 9, 2009

Cried out of a ship

"I need to rest at a port."

Not yet, the vast sea is still wide for you to sail.

"My propeller is wearing out, I really need to rest!"

 Ah! All you is a diver to get that rust out and you will be fine.

"My engine does not sound right, I need a rest urgently!"

 No worries! Super lub lubricants will lube you up and you will sound as good as new.

One day when she was middle of nowhere.

Her propellers just got too wasted out and stop working.

One of the gears of her engine just lost its function and screwed up the whole engine. 

She was just too heavy and current was too strong, no tugboat was able to drag her to shore anymore. 

She was abandoned and just flow with the current.

Her only hope is to be able to stop sailing and to find a resting place.

"Is it that impossible to find a resting place even when I am so broken and unwanted?"

The sea heard her cried out and still continues pushing her.

Day and night, waves just keep hitting her without any purpose.

"I am so tired that I think I will just die here."

When she was going to expire, she landed on a small island of rocks.

Finally she stops sailing.

Finally she gets to rest in peace.
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