May 26, 2010

One day at fried banana stall

Two days ago, while waiting for my brother to finish school, we check out the 'pisang goreng' (fried banana) stall. The stall didn't sell fried banana that day, instead they have....

Can't see? Let's magnify it.

Ooooooo... They are giving out free popcorn and baloons.

Digi is a mobile service provider in Malaysia. It is popular among students because it is known for having the lowest rate. However I am not using Digi.

Then my dog also want to be part of Digi advertisement. Woof woof.

Why am I so good, to advertise Digi for free. The reason?

The reason is because the free popcorn is the nicest I ever eat. I am not a fan of popcorn. But this popcorn makes me looking forward for another serving of popcorn. But I won't spoil the nice image of popcorn in my mind by eating popcorn sold at outside of the local cinema. 

Popcorn, I miss you.....

May 25, 2010

Experience with taxi

Suddenly I remembered my experiences of taking taxis.

In Jakarta 2006, I was advised to take only certain companies of taxi. I remembered one of the company is Bluebird. Beware that there are other companies which are also blue in colour. The reason to take certain companies of taxi is because other company may overcharged or not very safe. One night, my colleague and I decided to look for dinner further away from the hotel. We used Bluebird to reach the place, charged according to the meter. When we wanted to go back to the hotel, we can find any blue taxi, so we decided to use taxi with other colour. Before we get on the taxi, we asked for the fare and he is clearly try overcharged us. So I had to bargain with the driver to get an reasonable fare. Lucky Indonesian language have much similarity with Malaysia Language. Yeah, we get the reasonable fare and get back to the hotel safely.

In Egypt 2007, after wandered around in Cairo Museum, three of us tried to catch a cab with reasonable fare. On our way to the museum, the taxi driver even changed his mind with the agreed fare when we reached the museum. I think it is fine to pay a bit more than regular fare (fare usually charged to locals), but if too much over, it will be too much. After a while, we found a taxi driver with reasonable fare, the guy start to take us to somewhere. Accompanied with an Aussie and a Brazilian men, so I guessed it was not that dangerous to follow a stranger to alleys. Last last he brought us to a car, a private care, not a typical taxi. I was not alone, so I guessed it was fine. When we almost reached our destination, the driver start to talk about taking us to some touristic destination. When we insisted on going back to our accomodation, the driver start to say the fare is too small and asked for more. I started to argue by saying we agreed to the original fare, and we refused to pay more. My Aussie colleague was sitting at front seat and responsible in handing out the money. I told my colleague to just get off and give him the agreed fare. However when my colleague handed out the money, the driver refused to accept the money and asked for more. As cruel as I am, I just take the money from my colleague's hand, put the money on the seat, closed the door, and walked away with my colleagues as fast as possible.
A comment was written saying I was lucky that the driver didn't get out of the car and chase me.

Actually there is a tip to avoid the driver from chasing.
* Try to stop the taxi along a busy road. He can;t stop for too long along a busy road.

It was hard for him to get out of his car because driver seat is at left side, his car was at the pathway at right side. Too many car, dangerous for him to climb down and chase us. Left side of the car was busy road.

May 24, 2010

taxi diary

Today I found an interesting blog. IT is a diary of a taxi driver's diary. The driver was a lecturer with PHD, and now is just an ordinary taxi driver.

I was curious about him, so I read his very first post. In the few first posts, I can sense his depression over sudden change of life status and worries of the impact to his family. But his determination to earn a life from driving a taxi, really deserve a salute. Social status of a taxi driver was thought to be at the lowest standard. This makes no one thought that he is actually highly educated.

No wonder my dad used to complain about people looking down on taxi drivers. Whenever someone looked down on my dad, my dad will boasted about his children. That will surely embarrassed that person. 

Being a taxi driver sure is not an easy job. Everyday they have to work under hot sun. Every working night, there will be the risk of being robbed or worse. When tired, can just sleep everywhere.

Among taxi driver, you can find various kind of people. During recession period, many graduates had even become taxi drivers.

However there is the advantage of becoming a taxi driver, you can get free course of tourism and languages.
Even illiterate can speak Englishy!

May 22, 2010


Reaching the dock.

Tried my luck to visit Astana (Castle) - Can't get it because it is not a tourist place!! Then visited Orchid Farm, then back to the dock.

Try to snapped as many photos as I can. Lucky I brought along someone to snap my photo. Some are 'overexposed', not due to bright light, but due to other reason. Ehem.. ehem.. ehem. I guess I am too 'gifted'.

Now looking back to this photo..

Now I wonder where is the boatman?

May 18, 2010


Resting... from virtual world for a while, after a big impact. It is better remain unwritten and unspoken.
If you don't know, keep quiet..
If you know, keep quiet too.

A real rest, or a rest like teachers on teacher's day.
I heard my friend have to go for cleaning activity (gotong royong) in school on Teacher's day.
It is how the school show their gratitude to teachers nowadays.

without work, life as teacher is meaningless.

May 11, 2010


Heloo, hey is you ah, ah Lo.
Why so stresssss?
Rilek la, breathe in, breathe out, and the start panting.
Why your mind so dirty one? Haven't shower for long time ha?
I thought you having labour pain ma.
Sorry, forgot you a guy, no pregnant one.
Aiya, you punya beer gut so big. I owes think inside there have baby ma. I wait wait oso no baby come out.
Wait 10 years oso no baby come out.

ah, you no understand me. haiya, rilekla.
speaky english no need standard la, cos malaysian ma.
if no end with ma, la, lor, no ma lay sia lor.
you think those speaky english know spelling english.
they oso conpuse than with then, lamb with lamp.

okla, I gtg. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

May 10, 2010

Lazy bug

I am so lazyy...

lazy to type, lazy to think...

Every idea I have, only have the beginning, without body nor end.

I guess my lazy bug is growing.

Even my facebook profile photo contained lazy motif.

I had become lazier since I received a hate mail (from company).

Anyway, I am going to Kuching to cut my hair on 16 May. Too lazy to go into detail. go here la to know what it is about. HERE

May 6, 2010

5 Ribu Berian (5000 Dowry)

While I was googling for the lyric, I found another blog who wrote about this song too. Below is the translation by melbie.

Please choose to read the translation: Translation No Translation 

 Ho Ho Ho

Introducing my teachers: A B

This post is a trial using html. I am very proud of myself.

Thanks to my teachers!!

Labour complication solved! thanks to my teacher.

May 4, 2010

I miss library

Suddenly I miss going to library.

I don't really like to borrow book from public library, because I always return the book after it is due date. Although the library is just in front of my primary school, I still late in returning the books. If I ever borrow a book, I usually will borrow a thicker book. Because I can finish a thin book in few hours. So I rather read the book by standing at the book shelf, reading those short stories of folklore.

Then beside the primary school, lucky they set up PKJ (I forgot the abbreviation), they have a library too. So every recess time, I will go to the library to borrow some books. That was the time, I read many Iban language books. Lucky for me, there are translation for Iban words at the bottom of every page. I still remember my favourite Iban language book is 'Buaya Putih Buaya Kudung, written by Jong Chian Lai.

It is about the crocodile and a kid. I knew about crocodile's habitat from the book.

My mother always said, crocodile does'nt simply eat human, only eat those who is 'kepunan'. 'Kepunan' is a term referring to someone who refused to eat when the person was offered to eat, or if you feel like to eat something, and you don't get to eat the food. That's why my mum always ask us to touch the plate or food, when we are offered a food. I am not sure whether the word 'kepunan' is used in Sarawak or not, it is a word used in Sabah

Library in Miri is very scary when there is no one there. Have to be careful when you are alone there, because there are perverts on ground floor.

I used to bring a friend to library when he visited Miri. It is always make us laugh when we reminiscence about it. I even brought him to Miri digital library. It is not digital at all. I only like to read paper newspapers and hardcopy magazines in the digital library.

When I first learned how to drive, the first place I drove to is the LIBRARY!!

What a nerd am I.....

May 2, 2010

"A small rock can make a difference," by Nomi.

When I was on my way to hill, something is bothering my foot. When I took out my foot and saw a very small rock in my shoes. As small as it can be, its diameter is around 1 mm. It is a very mini rock. Do not belittle the mini rock, it can caused discomfort to my foot and very annoying when I was walking.

It is a wonder that a small foreign object can affect a big object.

"A small rock can make a difference," by Nomi.

A small rock can crashes a big ego.
A small rock can crashes a big confidence.
A small rock can be the last rock to complete a masterpiece infrastructure.
A small rock can be the pain in the ass.

A small rock can be in the form of word, action or object. 

The author ran out of idea in the mid of composing the post.

You may be a small rock, you still can do something outrageous. It may look weird in others' eyes, however it can be meaningful in your life.
Very often, I do weird outrageous thing that didn't get approval from people around me.
It can be stupid thing, but all those small rocks in my life makes me for who I am.
Maybe Me is not someone, people always approved of.
At least I would like to be away from your bad small rock. Please don't crush me with your small rock..

May 1, 2010

1 May 2010

Dear diary,

Happy Labour Day!
Eventhough you don't work at all, all you do is listen to my ranting and blabla, I still wish you Happy Labour Day.

Today all Doraemon's friends went to No Plastic Campaign. Doraemon can't go because he said he is sick. Have to wake up very early for the mass exercise. Don't worry, it was not a mass suicide. Woke up around 4.50am and lazying on the bed for 10 mins. Then Sizuka send an sms telling me to wake up. How kind is Sizuka. Lucky I didn't turned off my mobile phone last night.

Diary, I took some photos but you have to wait for a while for it, because my lazy bug is still alive.
When the music started, with some action from Jennifer, exercise instructor, Nobita start to shake shake. Sinyu can't shake because he has long hands but limited space. Sizuka busy snapping photos. So Doralin and I, Nana start to shake shake too.
After shake, we go buy stuff with our free RM 10 coupon and filled our free eco bag with cracker, beras wangi (rice smelled nice), and Livita energy drink.

Diary diary, I forgot to tell you that DJs for the morning are Maggie, Lobak and PK from AiFm, radio channel. They are all skinny. Maybe they have no food to eat. I felt pitiful for them, that I wanted to donate my free coupons to them. But they too busy taking photos with their fans, no room for me to reach them. I hope they will eat more before leaving Miri.

Diary, I gtg. 

Oh, I forgot to report the weather. 

Today is sunny day, with some lightning.