May 1, 2010

1 May 2010

Dear diary,

Happy Labour Day!
Eventhough you don't work at all, all you do is listen to my ranting and blabla, I still wish you Happy Labour Day.

Today all Doraemon's friends went to No Plastic Campaign. Doraemon can't go because he said he is sick. Have to wake up very early for the mass exercise. Don't worry, it was not a mass suicide. Woke up around 4.50am and lazying on the bed for 10 mins. Then Sizuka send an sms telling me to wake up. How kind is Sizuka. Lucky I didn't turned off my mobile phone last night.

Diary, I took some photos but you have to wait for a while for it, because my lazy bug is still alive.
When the music started, with some action from Jennifer, exercise instructor, Nobita start to shake shake. Sinyu can't shake because he has long hands but limited space. Sizuka busy snapping photos. So Doralin and I, Nana start to shake shake too.
After shake, we go buy stuff with our free RM 10 coupon and filled our free eco bag with cracker, beras wangi (rice smelled nice), and Livita energy drink.

Diary diary, I forgot to tell you that DJs for the morning are Maggie, Lobak and PK from AiFm, radio channel. They are all skinny. Maybe they have no food to eat. I felt pitiful for them, that I wanted to donate my free coupons to them. But they too busy taking photos with their fans, no room for me to reach them. I hope they will eat more before leaving Miri.

Diary, I gtg. 

Oh, I forgot to report the weather. 

Today is sunny day, with some lightning.



Jennifer Hii said...

"Today all Doraemon's friends went to No Plastic Campaign. Doraemon can't go because he said he is sick....." DORAEMON MISSES ALL HIS FRIENDS.. muacks!

Ghosty Nana said...

Doraemon is a HE

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hello Naomi...

First of all, happy belated labour day to you. Too bad it fell on Saturday where we as the govt. servant do not work. I just wish the govt. had declared Monday as a public holiday. Hahaha...but i guess i have to wait for Gawai to get a long long holiday.

I read a few days ago in the newspaper that Miri is going to organise an event about "No plastic"? Was that the one you attended that day?

Shake shake shake? Were you drinking a milk shake or exercising that day? Hehehe...this kind of campaign? If the govt. impose a law on plastic,I think it will definitely work. If only shopping malls could start using recycled paper bags instead of plastic, although I know it will cost them extra money. But then, it seems that our planet is getting polluted more and more,day by day. Don't you think so?

Have a nice day Ghost!

Ghosty Nana said...

Hello Reptoz,

Same wish to you. Some private company get off day on Friday or Monday to replace that Saturday holiday. So unlucky for government servant.

That was the one I attended, No Plastic Campaign. I read a news that Kuching is not going to organise the campaign.

I drank milk in the early morning, so I have to shake the milk in my digestion organ. So you can say I did both that morning, milk shaking and exercising.

After the campaign, I found many plastic bottles on the ground.

Suggestion to use biodegradable plastic bag can be good too, and it can be reuse for few times before becoming a rubbish bag.

Lucky you didn't write Happy Ghost day... hehehe. You have a nice day too.

Mr Lonely said...

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Ghosty Nana said...

Mr Lonely, I think I left a comment before in your blog before. :) Actually I am stalking you in silent.