Apr 29, 2010

sex education

For those who are not familiar with Asian culture, sex is actually a very taboo topic, despite of many involved in sex activities at a very young age nowadays. 10 years ago, you can say that not all ladies dare to explore their sexuality, and some even have the concept that sex is dirty. However this mindset had changed, with the proof that many are involving in the market of sanitary pads.

I had a chat with someone, the conversation is related about ladies embracing our sexuality.
Last month, A jokingly asked me to wear bikini to an formal event, so I said, "I will wear bikini, only if you go there naked, in your birthday suit." 
Today, she jokingly told me that I can register for a dance performance of 15 person. I told her that the sum of my close friends are not even 15. So she jokingly suggested that I join the performance with my brother's team of taekwondo, I dance while the kids perform martial arts. So I said, "So you will perform nakedly?"

Then suddenly, A related me to a 'pervert', saying I keep talking x-rated stuff. So I turned speechless....... Did I said anything x-rated? Being naked can be a art, if your intention of being naked is to be an art.
After reading Cyril's post about sex education in school, I remembered a health talk which our doctor on board gave us every week.

About the health talk, it was about STD, sex transmitted diseases. Before the talk, a safety officer warned me that there are some pictures which can be obscene. I thought the doc is going to show us penis and vagina, and he did show some pictures of penis and vagina. But all those pictures of penis and vagina are very gruesome, full of cauliflowers. One of the STD is also called as cauliflower. Some of the organs are beyond recognitions. 

After that talk, we have to have cauliflower as our lunch. 

If sex education in schools started with STD lessons, I think the students won't involved in sex activities so easily.


[SK] said...

hmmm, i just see some teasing dirty talk between you and friend, but never anything on x-rated woh..

ooh, maybe those STD photos are not obscene, but for sure not appetising..

cyrildason said...

nicely said... it should start with STD topics..


Ghosty Nana said...

[SK] does that consider dirty? we are just proud of our body. hahaha.
yeah, for sure make the cauliflower not appetising.

cyrildason, thanks for taking in my suggestion.

Rodz Nocturne said...

Yeah I agree STD topics can be very scary plus the abortion part could be effective, but what I'm afraid is that like one of the kid i met couple of years ago said "we can use condom and we will be safe coz that what we saw in the tv". Which tv i dunno.

Ghosty Nana said...

can't make them to stop doing it, maybe just have to let them know the precaution

Kelvin said...

Hahaha, cauliflower XD

Anonymous said...

it's definitely gross to think of eating cauliflowers after an STD talk.. lol..

Ghosty Nana said...

Can you imagine how cauliflower looks like on private part?