Apr 11, 2010


Attended SPA (Suruhanjaya Perhidmatan Awam) or Public Services Commission Malaysia exam for grade 41.
Spending almost whole day, 9am-4pm taking exams is actually very tiring.
Blurring my eyes with so many A B C D, making it tougher for me to write essays in Malaysian language and English.

One of the English essay questions is about dangers from social networking sites such as Facebook, Tweet, Myspace, and bla bla bla.
One of the points that I wrote is that revealing too much personal information on those sites will make it easy for stalkers and criminal to attack the user.

If you cheat on your ex before, if she found out about who your current girlfriend, if she is still hates you, if you and your current girlfriend likes to write where you go everyday on Facebook, she can get revenge easily because your track is not covered.

Perhaps she will get the circumcision knife to cut cut cut while you are having a nap in a hotel.

It is quite easy to answer the questions for general knowledge paper. Most of the answers are actually can be guessed by reading the questions carefully.

Malaysia language essay is the toughest one. I believe most of us who had been working for some time, will have the difficulty in writing a proper essay. As I was a good student and my teacher in high school was a good teacher, I still remember the typical essay marking scheme. It can't be wrong if stick to the marking scheme. 

Tips to write an essay:
Has an introduction and a conclusion paragraph.
In the introduction, some of the sentences in the question have to be written in the introduction paragraph.
Has 3-5 main points.
In each paragraph, the point must be written clearly, with 2-3 sentences of elaboration, and 1 sentence of example.
So generally each paragraph will have 5 scores. You can figure it out how many paragraph you need to write based on the marks and amount of words you are required to write.

Hope this is an useful tips and not yet outdated..


[SK] said...

so what is this SPA all about?? is that for those working for the government?? 9am-4pm whole day exam is definitely tiring, really cracks your mind..

Ghosty Nana said...

SPA is for those who are interested to apply for gov job. I met a gov servant who want to change to other job in gov, also went for the test. SPA also provide scholarship for student.