Apr 18, 2010

Horror Genre

It is night. It is time for horror story.

According to myth, ladies like to watch horror movies. Maybe ladies like to watch horror movies with male homosapien. It will be a good chance to take advantage of that male homosapien. Are you wondering why I think ladies only like to watch horror movie with male homosapien?

So far not many of my lady friends would suggest to watch horror movies with me. I seldom go to watch movies in cinema due to bad condition of the cinema in my town. Mouse may run over my foot when I am in the cinema.

For a period of time, I always went to cinema with my lady friends. I always don't get a chance to watch any horror movies, and I always end up watching romance or family movies which is better to watch at home. I don't think crying scenes need a good sound effect (as if the cinema have a good one). It is no fun to watch with someone who prefer to close her/his eyes when the person is 'watching' a movie. So I don't think many ladies like to watch horror movies. The statement of ladies like to watch horror movies is only true if 'Notebook' is consider horror.

I am a fan of Stephen King's story. The story line in the movie usually does not have too much difference from the book. It is great because it will match up with my imagination when I read the book. Stephen King's way of writing is very captivating. Every small details was written that I can feel I am in the scene itself. His stories usually evolved around children and more like urban legend.

My favorite horror movie is IT. After watched IT, I was scared of drainage hole in bathroom and clown. Any doll made from hard material with movable eyelids does not appeal to me. Try to imagine a clown's hand suddenly come out from the under of bed and hold your legs. It is freaking enough just to see a clown doll, sitting on a chair and keep smiling to you. I still can't figure out why kids like clown.

Once I read a compilation of Stephen King's short stories, I can't continue reading after reading it for a week straight. During that period, I was staying in hostel of UTM KL. The hostel's toilets were very scary because the big pipe above our head always produced sound due to pressure or water. I was so scared that whenever I was in need, I ran to the toilet and finish the business as fast as possible. I didn't even dare to look into any mirror. I didn't wish to see anything in the mirror. It was only after few weeks, I forced myself to finish reading it because I had to return it to the library.

From time to time, I like to scare myself. Who want to watch horror movie with me?


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hi! It's me again.

I guess I am the first one to comment here. Waht a coincidence that i am surfing a few blogs and you are in my list tonight. Hahaha.

I guess it is hard to say which gender loves to watch horror movie because i think my friends (from both genders) watch horror movies except for me. The reason i dislike horror movie is that, I believe in the work of the devil (not ghost itself) that can really pollute and haunt our mind by creating images of ugly ghosts. By watching horror movie, it enhances my imagination and the devil can take this opportunity to scare us. That's my one cent opinion la.

I heard that Stephen King novel is full of fiction and I am not surprised his books are popular. I know a few people who love his book and today i know that you are one of them. I used to enjoy reading novels during my student years. But today, due to work commitment, I have changed to a lighter reading material to read that is "Readers Digest" which has short stories in it, especially the part where people share about real heroes in their life.

About your invitation to watch horror movies? I have to pass. No thanks. Hahaha... I am scared...geee...shy la. Hahaha

Ghosty Nana said...

Congrats for being the 1st and longest comment in my blog. Too bad no present. hehehe.
It is always very pleasant to read ghostynana at night.

All ghosts are actually creation of our mind and from believe in superstition. To avoid any ghosty experience, just avoid superstition and ghostynana. Just kidding about ghostynana.

You are better than me. Since I came out to work, my reading material became as light as short post of blog. I always skip reading long post. But I had been improving my reading ability by forcing myself to finish any book I started.

Don't scare lar, I won't hug you when I am scare.

CH Voon said...

As for me, just turn off the sound.
Not matter how horror… It becomes nothing.
I prefer watch action and comedy.

Ghosty Nana said...

CH Voon, what is the fun without the sound?
You can watch with your wife. Your wife will protect you from the ghost.