Apr 28, 2010


ermm... Do I really have to blog about this?



Did you sense my truthfulness and sincerity? If you say YES, you must be lying.

How can someone sense that from a blog post.

ALLUNIQUE is about beauty - facial, slimming and hairy. Hairy at the right place -head.

Who says facial is only for ladies? Nowadays so many men talk about beauty tips with me. If you doubt their straightness, I assure  you that they are 100% straight, because they have girlfriend each.

Frankly I think they are more ladylike than me. Once I was lectured by my guy friend, saying I don't look like a lady. I may not have botox or fan of lamb collagen, I am still a lady! huh..... you must be blind if you say I am not a lady!!!
Ooppsss.. I should not shout because I am a lady. I should not laugh loud. I should cover my mouth when I giggle. Huhuhuhu.... Am I a lady now?

 I like to go for facial. Usually even before the facial started, I will fell asleep. Have you see a goldfish's mouth? That's how I look like when I am asleep on facial bed. But after all the pimple and black head squeezing, my face may be swollen like a round sponge cake. So the expert have to make sure my face resides to its original round size after all the squeezing. If not, people may think it is 15th day of Chinese lunar calendar. It is full moon again.

Do you go for facial?


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

A bit busy right now. will read your blog shortly.

Ghosty Nana said...


[SK] said...

hmmm, we men are "evolving" now, so don't be surprise to see men taking grooming seriously now.. :p

btw, before taking up facial, i think i would go for body sculpting first!! ahahaha :p

Ghosty Nana said...

elvolving into beauty.. [SK] you don't look too fat for me? Is that your real photo?