Apr 23, 2010

Is urination in public a new trend?

Yesterday evening, I went for a walk on a hill. That hill is actually an old road and not longer use as main road. So it is tar road with bush and trees along the road, with good view of sea, however recently the scenery is covered with big houses.

When I was walking, suddenly an old man in 50s, around 50 meters in front of me suddenly stop and facing bush. I think he was peeing. It is obvious because after he finished his business, he adjusted his pants. Maybe the uncle thought no one can see his 'elephant' because it is small he is facing the bush, that was why he urinated so boldly in front of so many people.

Few days ago, my friend just told me that there are many people urinate in public recently. I never saw anyone urinate public before, And I get to witness public urination on Thursday. It can be a trend...

OK! Let's divert the attention to ME.

In 2007, when our crew was setting up our basecamp, at Gemsa, Red Sea, Egypt, the toilet was not set up yet. As ladies, we can't just squat and pee in an open space.

Hence we need a big cardboard to cover our action. Below is the photo of my friend carrying the cardboard. It can also used as sun shield.

Then we chose a location, where not easy to be detected from high. Just in case someone look down from the hill. So we decided this corner is the best. Learned from the cat, cover your own shit.

What a nice scene... But beware of human waste!


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Urinating in public places is not common in Sarawak. But urinating by the roadside is very common especially when the drivers travel far. I had to do so late at night when i was travelling. Hahahah...but cannot help it la...

I heard in China, men urinate at open places. They do provide the drain for China men to urinate, but the drainage has no wall to cover the male penis. Gee...what a funny story i heard from my friend. Not sure whether he was pulling my leg.

Many female friends of mine, told me how lucky I am to be a male, especially when it comes to urinating. We can just stand and pee anywhere like nobody's business. Ahaks! But for women, that's not possible! because they have to squat and take off their pants. And who on earth would do that in public right? Ahaks!

That beach looks beautiful...but like u said, there's a bomb underneath it. I wonder who will be the unlucky one. Hahaha

Have a nice day Nana.

[SK] said...

hmmm, when it comes to nature call, you just can't decline that right?? the force is so strong you can never hold, so under no-choice situation we just gotta find somewhere more secret in a public to do that.. right??

[SK] said...

when i was in New Dehli, they just built the urinals on the street.. and it's so common to see guys peeing there in the public!! oh, incredible yeah?? :p

[SK] said...

am lucky that i'm a guy and this is more convenient.. but for ladies, really you'd have to think more and cover more, and that makes it more inconvenient.. is that why you have an umbrella in your handbag always?? :p

Ghosty Nana said...

I think it used to be uncommon in Sarawak to urinate in public. Maybe it is different nowadays.
Travel in long distance is normal to pee by roadside.
oh my... open to view..

[SK], how do you know about the umbrella? I really used to carry umbrella around with me. My backpack used to be Doraemon pouch.

My colleague told me that in India, in some village, men and women will just squat by roadside to do big business. But if you said in New Delhi, it is big city. So it is so incredible!!!