Apr 25, 2010


Getting emo? Looking for listener? Are you a good listener?

Everyone need someone to talk to when we feel emo and down. A good listener is very crucial to handle an emo person.

Even in searching for listener, principle of opposite attracts is influencing the preference of listener. For example, son tells everything to mother, guys prefer to talk to ladies about their feeling and trouble. It is hard to see son talks about emotional stuff with the DAD.

Maybe some ladies don't agree with me, because they said lady friends are a better listener and better adviser. But guy friend will have more convincing force than lady friends. A lady can get advices from 3 ladies, but still feeling sad. However when A guy friend gave her advice, she will felt much better than getting advices from 3 ladies. 1 : 3, 1 man =  3 ladies.

Being a good listener is not an easy job, you have to be neutral and not too much advice because you only know about the problem from one perspective. Dealing with guy is different with lady. Usually ladies like the listener to hate person they hate, because ladies may complain for the sake of complaining. After complain, it makes us feel lighter and happier. Not sure what guy likes...

People usually said that I am a good listener. But who can be my good listener. It is like photographer only gets to take others photo, but no photo of the photographer. Once I have a guy friend who treats me as his listener, but when I treat him as my listener, he just accusing me for thinking too much and being too emo. I am very choosy in choosing my listener. Not easy to find a good listener among my friends, as they all too busy with their life. Sometimes people can give too much advise until it is annoying, because I already know most of the advices. Please just listen and give some response, and not diverting the attention to yourself.

That was when I started my 'emo' blog. Another blog which I wish no one will find it. If you found it, just keep it a secret. I feel happy with my life, because I can throw all rubbish negative feeling to that blog. After all negative things are gone, there will only positive things and life will be very promising to everyone. Even when something bad happen, it is easier to feel it is blessing in disguise. That is why I have so many rubbish bin photos in my hard disk.

P.S: I am not emo, I am just under the spell - dizzy spell.


Desmond said...

Being a good listener requires time. If someone is willing to spare the time to listen with an open heart and follow up with the person on the problem it can help.

eugene said...

It is perfectly all right to feel emo sometiems but not all the times, if you do it all the times,then you cant find listeners hahahah.

hey dropping by to saying hi,, hope to hear from you,,,,,

Kelvin said...

Its damn hard to find a listener...for guys, girls are better as a listener then boys.

Ghosty Nana said...

Desmond, yes, needs to spare the time, It is not good to do our business while listening to someone. It is not respecting that person, and we may skip some important details.

eugene, if keep emoing, need a psychiatric, a listener won't do. For every lady, we will emo at least for one week in every month. That's when we need ipad.

Kelvin, really hard indeed!!!! yes, magnet principle. It is same for ladies, we actually prefer a male listener.