Apr 19, 2010


Interrogation began...

Do you talk to him?!

How often did you talk to him?!

Where did you two go to?!

Why do you ask me about him?!!

Aahhhh!! Help me!
I am innocent! I never think of seducing him! We are just normal friends!!!

That's why I wise up. I have to check every guy's marital status or relationship status when I befriend him.
If the guy is in relationship with someone, is better not to be too close.
Even if we were best friend, our friendship have to be loosened and be just friend. From a friend who can talk about anything to a friend who will say hi and bye.

I don't want to be responsible to any broken relationship due to misunderstanding.


Kelvin said...

This only proves tat the one who interrogate u is not generous & do not trust the guy enough~

Ghosty Nana said...

We as outsider only know the pain of interrogation. About the trust it is their business. JUST DO ANYTHING TO PREVENT THE INTERROGATION!!!

CH Voon said...

Meet up a group of friends … should be no problem.

[SK] said...

huh?? what happened?? or is it because of those biatch that asked to many questions.. but i guess you have to judge accordingly, so as not to ruin your friendship just because of gossips..

BTW, that dog on your header is very cute!!

Ghosty Nana said...

CH Voon is speaking as a married man. A wise married man indeed.

[SK],I guess each phase of life will have different kind of friends and have to behave accordingly. Do you have a gf? I guess you will only know when you have gf or married.

Trust is important in a relationship

My dog very cute ho. thanks.