Feb 27, 2010

Chap Goh Meh

Tomorrow is Chap Goh Meh, 15th day of CNY. It is also Chinese version of Valentines day.

According to tradition, single ladies will take this opportunity to seek for their prince charming by throwing mandarin oranges into lake. Of course before throwing it, ladies need to write down their name and contact number on the mandarin orange. In the meanwhile, men will be in that lake, they will collect the oranges. That is where the fate play its role. Whoever gets whoever orange, that mean that whoever is his match from heaven.

To make it easy to be pick up, make sure choose a big mandarin orange and floats well, and write with waterproof marker.
That is the tradition, but I don't practice it. It is because I prefer to eat those mandarin oranges.

Happy Chap Goh Meh to all! Happy Valentines Day!

Feb 26, 2010

About Josh

Just read a post by Josh. It is about his experience with woman. Read here.

As a lady, I admit that every lady always dream to have a rich knight, a rich prince charming as their boyrfriend or husband. In his sex drive, he had only 1st and only date with a cute lady, because the lady mind his humble car. Is car really that important for a man? Whenever a guy fetch me with his old car, the guy will always apologized for his old car. I don't get it. His self confidence is based on his car?

Personally I am fond of old car which is preserved in good condition. As it is not easy to do so nowadays.
I had 3 experiences with old car:
a) old car with cold aircon - The owner is a nice guy. Too bad we ran out of topic to talk after a period of courtship.
b) old car with japanese words - This one... sentenceless. Rejected me because I have no car.
c) old car with center lock - Nothing going on with this one, but no harm admiring a cute one.
Seems to have bad destiny with cars. I will go for tractor next time.

Feb 25, 2010


Worst badminton game I ever had...

If you say I should write wordless instead of sentencelss..
I will be truly speechless....

A game which is lack of sportsmanship, it is a game that is not enjoyable.
When a player stop the game just to see his sms, really spoiled the mood.

Learned the lesson....
I won't join any game which is invited by this friend.
Her mobile phone is more important than the game.
I think she better bring along her bf to the game.

Feb 24, 2010


"There's no rationale in love!
You may be a fresh graduate who rides a motorbike and is poor, and you may no longer have your sideburns, but I'm still still fond of you. I already said the last time that even if you didn't take it seriously, I'd still fancy you. I hope to see you and hear your voice everyday. Whenever you're by my side, I can't help feeling happy and I think of you more and more!" And they kiss each other after a short conversation.

Above is a short dialogue from Singapore drama series I am watching. The lady was courting the guy.

People always said it is easy for a lady to woo a man. Is it really that easy?
Maybe it is easy if the lady is a pretty lady.

If a lady woo a guy, the guy may take the lady for granted. So many bad consequences. I know you people out there may say it is normal for lady to woo man nowadays. You may say it is normal on your mouth, but not in heart.

Is it that easy to woo a man?

Feb 23, 2010


New vocab: Cruising
Mean: checking out
Use in situation: where someone is checking out someone else.

This evening, I think someone is cruising me.
He keeps looking at me. We kind of look at each other from a distant.
Maybe I look familiar to him, or maybe he knows my brother. All my siblings have around the same look.
When my friend and I talked about something weird and kind of loud, I noticed that he looked at us with a shocked expression.
I think we scared him with our weird topic. So not ladylike topic.

Anyway I am so proud that my performance in badminton has improved.

Kampung.. Yellow house

Balik kampung means go back village.
Kampung is kampung lar. Where is typical kampung located? Typical kampung located in the middle of forest, surrounded by trees with monkeys, squirrels, buffalos. Sadly during festival, buffalo have to be send away to somewhere else.

Introducing the yellow house.. ta da da..
yellow house

1st thing we do when we reach there is clean up the house, hang all red red stuff on wall, and set up my grandpa's photo gallery.


Then food preparation begun in kitchen. This kitchen with firewood is no longer in use. Now using gas stove.

During Chinese New Year, of course the next activity will be eating.

During day time before guests start to flood the house, not much to do for kids and old man like my dad. Watching Astro (Cable Tv provider in Malaysia) is a good way to keep all generations quiet and still.


Every house you go for visiting, they played crab gambling. I played once, lost all my RM 5. My dad won RM 200, having good luck in it. I think my dad's good luck in gamble started on the day he married my mother. The first and only gamble...


On 2nd and 3rd day of CNY, not much guest came visiting. It means it is time for camwhoring with cousins.


At night time, we tried to make the sky brighter with fireworks. See also the video here. Or trying to make our self deaf with blasting fireworks.


Can't help exploring our artistic side.


That is our kampung life. Many hidden stories to be tell.

If you want to know those hidden stories, you can by
-marry my brother if you are a lady.
-marry me if you are a cute guy.
(just kidding ok. This joke originated when my friend so eager to be in our family photo. So I told her, If she wants to be in my family photo, she would have to marry my brother or my cousin. When she is a part of the family, I will make sure she is in every piece of our family photo.)

yellow stairs

Yellow house, miss you till we come again. Take care!

Boom boom for CNY.

Boom boom for Chinese New Year.

Feb 22, 2010

Surprise in family

Sending my sister to airport... a moment to treasure. When will be the next time I see her again?

This year is special as all of my family members came back for CNY, after 2 years. My 2 sisters tried to surprise my parents by coming home secretly. However, the secret leak out slowly.

On the day my 1st younger sister came back, my mother only told me that she is coming back. She said she also know on that day. I was so surprised because I did asked her to come back as another sister is coming back too (my youngest sister only told me that she is coming back). She told me she is not coming back. When she get home, I called my dad telling him, please come home to drive us to shopping mall because I want to buy shoes. My dad almost scolded me for wanting to buy shoes again, my sister saved my ears from a lecture by jumping out from the closet. His face expression was so precious. Mouth open, angry expression mixed with shocked expression.

My youngest sister flew straight to Sabah and stay with my auntie. As a good sister to my mother, my auntie called my mother telling her about my sister arrival tomorrow. That night, my auntie called again saying that my sister's flight is cancel. I did not dare to face my mother, when she told me my sister not coming back with a sad and broken heart expression. I can't told her the truth, and I can't look at her because I am very bad in lying. I may burst out laughing. However when my mother told me to pack more clothes, I suspected she knows. She is a mother after all, with great maternal instinct.

When we reach my grandpa's house, my uncle told my dad that he saw me in city. My youngest sister and me look much alike. My dad knew is my youngest sister. My dad was in pitiful state, because no one want to clarify the situation.

When my youngest sister reach village with my auntie, the only who was fully in shocked state was my youngest brother. He was sulking why no one told him all his sisters coming back from Peninsular Malaysia. So he can ask them to buy things for him.

All this surprise surprise, is very hard to endure for me. I remember when I was in university, my older brother decided to surprise my parents. He was planning to go back secretly for the semester break. When he did not have money to buy the ticket and can't ask my dad for more money, me as a good sister have to buy around RM 350 ticket for me. When I asked my dad for more money, my dad scolded me for asking money at last minute, and money was tight that time. To survive those days with scarce money, I had to dig all pockets of my bags and used up all my coins. Every cents was so precious, because 10 of 1 cent is 10 cents, 10 of 10 cents is RM 1, RM 1 means a brunch.

The worst thing about surprise is that I have to hide my happy feeling. I can't shout to my mother, telling her they are coming home. I have to pretend that I was sad whenever my mother was sad that they are not coming back.

I am happy that my life is full of surprises.
So many surprise recently, keep my life interesting.....

Feb 20, 2010

Surprise! Surprise!

Suddenly, my 4 years friend told me that she is getting married in May. She never told me that she is in a relationship. Hence, when she told me bout her coming wedding, I did not believe her and thought she was just kidding. She said my response was the funniest one among those few people whom she told about it. At the moment she told me the news, I asked, "you must be kidding," and took it as just a breeze which brush by my shoulder. When I saw her expression, laughing at me, I felt something is amiss. Clearly, she was not joking!

Her reason of keeping her marital status a secret is only marriage matters. Dating or relationship before married, all that are not reliable and everything can change easily. Other than marriage, not worth of announcing, only the stage of marriage is counted as confirmation of a relationship. Hope you get what I meant. Conclusion is that If you dating for 10 years, all those 10 years are not counted if you do not get married.

I agree with her. Dating or sweet talk may become waste of time and feeling, if there is no marriage. A relationship need to be kept a secret because the other half is private property. When a relationship is disclosed to public, many people may speak in ill manner of the relationship. One word, 'DANGEROUS!'

I really admire my friend. She managed to keep it a secret for many years, even her mum did not know about it. While her mother lamenting how her daughter may end up to be a spinster, she is preparing a plan to start a family. Her mother wasted her time worrying for her.

While I was sulking, asking her, will I lose a friend after that.. She comforted me by saying she will still go jogging and swimming.

Forcing won't bring happiness.
Let nature takes its course.
Life is like gambling.

Feb 18, 2010


4th day of Chinese New Year... (CNY have 15 days)....
Total amount of my angpow only.. RM 25...

Stop laughing at me..or should I say "No laugh me" ( copycatting my young cousin).

The reason I got so few angpow is not because I am too old for angpow. I am still single and still eligible for angpow.

The reason is... they tend to feed you instead of giving angpow in Sabah's villages. Most of them who celebrate CNY in Sabah are no pure Chinese ethnic. At my mother's hometown, mostly are Sino-Kadazan. Wherever I go for visiting, there are many pretty girls and cute guys, but mostly are relatives. So cannot simply flirt..

20 years ago, I still remember when we went visiting in Sabah, we were invited into the house. Rice, coffee and a dish of wild boar meat will be served, while we sit on a floor mat. Now, we will be served with food and soft drinks, instead of coffee. Mostly, no angpow given.

No.. angpow...

Only ... food...

However in every house, you will see many interesting thing in the village.

Maybe you will get to see goats, mother pigs feeding baby pigs milk, monkeys, kid whose name is Badawi, different type of house structure,  and many more.

Update on 19 Feb 2010
My Angpow follow my sis to Peninsular Malaysia.... along with my 'precious'..

Feb 11, 2010

Homemade Chinese New Year Greeting Video

This evening, my sister and I paste paste red red stuff around my home. While we paste paste, we talked about how hard those singer of Chinese New Year songs have to perform for a video. They have to jump out of nowhere and sing, and suddenly disappear to let other sings. While we talked, laughed and imitating those singers, we had an idea. An idea is useless without any action to realize it. That is how we produced our very own homemade Chinese New Year greetings video.

Sorry for scaring you all with my voice.

I still can't figure out what screwed my mind.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Tomorrow balik kampung (go back to village)! To place where there are only trees, buffalos, kids, firecrackers, wooden house, Sabah coffee, sleep on mat, bla bla.

Feb 10, 2010

Red red red - Chinese New Year (not blood)

I am Nomi's shoes. My owner's fair and yellowish skin make me glowing and twinkling. Today, I walked proudly in fish market. The fish market is clean and almost without fishodour. Bravo for market cleaners and fish mongers! Nomi walked so ladylike, careful not to step on any dirty object. For my sake, she walked awkwardly, letting everyone knows that she rarely go to fish market. 
I know I am so cute!

2010 shoes

Red red is coming to the town. Everywhere you go in Malaysia, I am sure you will be surrounded by red red colour. Those red red colour is here for a reason. Red red creates the atmosphere and aura of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is the time where families, who follows Chinese culture, have a nice and warm family gathering. This year, will be a special year for my family. There are news brought by wind that this year, every member of my family will be able to come home for the gathering. I am so nticipating for the news to become reality on 13 Feb 2010, Chinese New Year Eve, also a day before Valentine's day.

Meanwhile have a look of red red red around the state of Sarawak.

Red in Miri a

Red in Miri b

Red in Miri c
Red red red in Miri.

Red in Kuching a

Red in Kuching b

Red in Kuching c
Red red red in Kuching.

Red in Sibu
Red red red in Sibu.

Had been busy traveling around the state for the sake for all those photos. Please drop some comments for encouragement. :P

Wish all who celebrate Chinese New Year, Happy Chinese New Year!
Mari Angpow angpow*!

To Married one, wish you all have a happy family and happy happy give angpow to me!

To Singles with have gd/bf, wish you all quick quick get married, So I can get your angpow.

To singles who are still available and truly single, wish us that love cupid may struck our heart this year!

To kids and teenagers, wish you all happy happy receive angpow. Be good and submissive to parents! So can get more angpow next year!

*Angpow - Red packet with money given by married couple to singles. 

Feb 7, 2010

Falling in love is like going to a battlefield, injuries are expected

'Falling in love is like going to a battlefield, injuries are expected.' Someone posted this on Facebook today.

This... I know this too. However it is different when the pain comes. 

It is easier for ladies to fall in love. Often, it is only one sided feeling. The guy most probably only like the lady as ordinary friend. 

There are many tips on how to tell a guy is into you. One of the tips may be, 'If a guy treats you very good, laugh when he hears you laugh." Guys also treat an ordinary friend very good. He may laugh at your joke just because you are ordinary friend. So all tips are not dependable. As ladies tend to think too much, so our heart is not dependable too. If you ask me what else is trustable? I have no answer to that. Maybe not many men know that ladies also tend to think they are failure, when our love is rejected. We ladies are really complicated.

Nothing is dependable, even men are not dependable. I think that men also change their mind as fast as they drop their pants to do big business in toilet. A man can be very decisive in their career. However, when comes to relationship, I don't think so. Men can feel insecure in wooing lady or involving into a relationship. Doubts such as 'will I be able to support her?', 'she is too pretty', 'my car is too old to let her ride in it', bla bla bla. One word for you, "50% chance of winning if you try, 0% if you gave up before even trying. You lose before even trying."

Men is so indecisive, that sometimes it can hurt many people during the process of doubting. Communication is important even when in indecisive situation. Even if a courting process does not ended up with a relationship, if there are good understanding from both side, no one will be hurt in the process.

Clarification is important. After courtship and understanding process, you may found out you are not compatible, is better to be truthful and clarify the matter. Without any clarification, it will be unfinished business. 'Buang tahi tapi tidak cuci burit' = Not wiping your ass after pooing. Ladies and gentleman, don't be a coward in this matter. As it is regarding human's feeling and heart. Scarring will only make a heart hardened. A hard heart is unhealthy and bear much grudge. After died, will become a wandering ghost.

As we get older, love won't be the priority when looking for a life partner. No one like to spend old life alone. Companionship will be the most important. No matter how old a person can be, companionship is important. Some old people find companionship in their grandchildren, relatives, or friends. That is why you may found many old man playing chess in parks, practicing taichi, or joined a singing group. Love won't be as important as understanding and good companionship.

Just some analysis from a couchlady, Nomi.

Feb 5, 2010

Fitness in Kuching

While I was in Kuching, other than eating, my friend brought me to a fitness center. I guess my friend ran out of places to bring me to, if you wondering why my friend brought me to visit a gym. The fitness center is opened by a Malaysian famous blogger, Kenny Sia. He is also very round.

The fitness center give a free trial for first timer. This is actually my first time to a proper formal gym. After I get a locker key and a towel, I walk in without any clue of what to do. Fyi, my friend just left me there. I guess I have to find the locker room, as I have a locker key. 
Tips when feeling lost: Follow the crowd.

So, I follow the crowd, follow the trail of busy people walking, looks like they have somewhere to rush to. Then, I found the restroom with the lockers.

Then, I explore the gym, walking up the stairs till the top floor. Ground floor - Body build up, 1st floor - treadmill, bike, and gym ball, and 2nd, Cardio/dance.

When I walk into body building up area, that was the first time I saw so many muscled biceps at a time. I was shocked and my jaw almost drop open. 


Most of my male colleagues have big biceps. But.. but.. but.. those I saw at the gym are so different. Those in the gym are hard and big, and unbelievable scary biceps. I admit that too much muscles freaks me up. I saw that I am the only lady in that area. I wander around, reading instruction and trying out exercise equipment. I can't find easier equipment for abdomen tightening. Hence, I wander up to the bike area. My ankles were too sore from shopping too much, so can't ride the bike for too long. My leg just go wobbly after a while.

Then I went to ground floor, found the Oprah is more entertaining. So I chose the most strategic equipment, watch tv while doing thigh strengthening exercise.

While watching Oprah, I have a realisation that the gym looks like AirAsia. Everything is so red. I guess the boss is very fond of Airasia.

Feb 3, 2010

Mac Ipad

Sanitary pad?

unfinished business

Unfinished business is likened to a ball thrown from 10th floor of a building, and the ball does not reach the ground.
Perhaps, the ball is filled with helium gas.
The ball will fly, fly and fly, until it is hooked or popped by sharp object.
Until then, receiver below will wait, wait, and wait.
But not for long....
Soon, the ball will be forgotten by the waiting reception. There is no point waiting for a ball which refused the receiver. Everything is happen with a cause.

It is not the ball's fault for not falling down. However it is the thrower's fault for filling the ball up with helium gas. The ball was thrown as a deception.
When the receiver was expecting the ball to fall downward, as the rule of physic applied to everything will drop as the force of gravity pulls.

The thrower creates an illusion that there is a ball and the ball will reach the receiver.

The truth is there is a ball, but the ball was not intended to rell into the receiver's hand.

It is just an illusion. A great masterpiece.

A person who is having the problem constipation, went to sit at the toilet bowl. The toilet bowl is anticipating the arrival os some shits. Somehow no shit arrive. The toilet ball catch no ball, only see some balls.