Feb 23, 2010

Kampung.. Yellow house

Balik kampung means go back village.
Kampung is kampung lar. Where is typical kampung located? Typical kampung located in the middle of forest, surrounded by trees with monkeys, squirrels, buffalos. Sadly during festival, buffalo have to be send away to somewhere else.

Introducing the yellow house.. ta da da..
yellow house

1st thing we do when we reach there is clean up the house, hang all red red stuff on wall, and set up my grandpa's photo gallery.


Then food preparation begun in kitchen. This kitchen with firewood is no longer in use. Now using gas stove.

During Chinese New Year, of course the next activity will be eating.

During day time before guests start to flood the house, not much to do for kids and old man like my dad. Watching Astro (Cable Tv provider in Malaysia) is a good way to keep all generations quiet and still.


Every house you go for visiting, they played crab gambling. I played once, lost all my RM 5. My dad won RM 200, having good luck in it. I think my dad's good luck in gamble started on the day he married my mother. The first and only gamble...


On 2nd and 3rd day of CNY, not much guest came visiting. It means it is time for camwhoring with cousins.


At night time, we tried to make the sky brighter with fireworks. See also the video here. Or trying to make our self deaf with blasting fireworks.


Can't help exploring our artistic side.


That is our kampung life. Many hidden stories to be tell.

If you want to know those hidden stories, you can by
-marry my brother if you are a lady.
-marry me if you are a cute guy.
(just kidding ok. This joke originated when my friend so eager to be in our family photo. So I told her, If she wants to be in my family photo, she would have to marry my brother or my cousin. When she is a part of the family, I will make sure she is in every piece of our family photo.)

yellow stairs

Yellow house, miss you till we come again. Take care!


[SK] said...

wow, that one is really a very authentic village house.. but still can watch Astro!! unbelievable!!

so how do you play that "fish prawn crab" gamble?? i always see this in drama series, but no idea how to play leh..

Ghosty Nana said...

Nowadays, many villages have Astro. Even in Sarawak's longhouses have Astro. In Sarawak, satellite dishes are more popular in village.

For that gamble, will need 3 dices with all those picture. Then put on money on picture that you think will appear. Can bet on more than 1 pic. Still have many rules which I am not certain of.

Tips: the previous pic most possibly will appear 2 or 3 times straight.