Feb 10, 2010

Red red red - Chinese New Year (not blood)

I am Nomi's shoes. My owner's fair and yellowish skin make me glowing and twinkling. Today, I walked proudly in fish market. The fish market is clean and almost without fishodour. Bravo for market cleaners and fish mongers! Nomi walked so ladylike, careful not to step on any dirty object. For my sake, she walked awkwardly, letting everyone knows that she rarely go to fish market. 
I know I am so cute!

2010 shoes

Red red is coming to the town. Everywhere you go in Malaysia, I am sure you will be surrounded by red red colour. Those red red colour is here for a reason. Red red creates the atmosphere and aura of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is the time where families, who follows Chinese culture, have a nice and warm family gathering. This year, will be a special year for my family. There are news brought by wind that this year, every member of my family will be able to come home for the gathering. I am so nticipating for the news to become reality on 13 Feb 2010, Chinese New Year Eve, also a day before Valentine's day.

Meanwhile have a look of red red red around the state of Sarawak.

Red in Miri a

Red in Miri b

Red in Miri c
Red red red in Miri.

Red in Kuching a

Red in Kuching b

Red in Kuching c
Red red red in Kuching.

Red in Sibu
Red red red in Sibu.

Had been busy traveling around the state for the sake for all those photos. Please drop some comments for encouragement. :P

Wish all who celebrate Chinese New Year, Happy Chinese New Year!
Mari Angpow angpow*!

To Married one, wish you all have a happy family and happy happy give angpow to me!

To Singles with have gd/bf, wish you all quick quick get married, So I can get your angpow.

To singles who are still available and truly single, wish us that love cupid may struck our heart this year!

To kids and teenagers, wish you all happy happy receive angpow. Be good and submissive to parents! So can get more angpow next year!

*Angpow - Red packet with money given by married couple to singles. 


Bananazą“• said...

Oh love the RED huge lanterns especially the last pix with the sparkling lights effect.
GongXiFaCai and a blessed CNY.

Danny said...

err.. i'm not a fan of red..;p
happy cny..
n that shoes is ... adorable :))

foongpc said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog!

Nice shoes there! Oh! So many lanterns and everything in red! I'm going to go all red on the first day of CNY, haha! Then I'll revert back to blue, my favourite colour! Haha!

Looking forward to receive lots of angpows this CNY though I may be a bit too old for that! Have to be thick skin a bit, haha! : )

[SK] said...

haha, of course!! RED is the color for CNY, and you didn't get yourself a pair of red shoes?? i wish you also quick quick stop getting angpow but instead give them out~~ :p

Ghosty Nana said...

Bananaz, have another giant lanterns on display. Too bad no good photo about it. Happy Chinese New Year to you too.

Danny, I seldom at home during cny. I also found the red too overwhelming. Happy Chinese New Year to you too.
Thx for the compliment about the shoes. I will tell my shoes. :)

foongpc, welcome. Wow going red red on 1st day. Someone may mistook you as big red angpow. I will check your pocket for money if I see you. hehehe.
Me also thick skin in asking angpow. Shou xia bu liu qing!

[Sk], I always have red shoes. Too many red shoes. So go gold this year. hahaha for the wish. This matter also hard to say. Wish you can give out angpow soon too! I would like to receive your angpow via poslaju. hehehe