Feb 26, 2010

About Josh

Just read a post by Josh. It is about his experience with woman. Read here.

As a lady, I admit that every lady always dream to have a rich knight, a rich prince charming as their boyrfriend or husband. In his sex drive, he had only 1st and only date with a cute lady, because the lady mind his humble car. Is car really that important for a man? Whenever a guy fetch me with his old car, the guy will always apologized for his old car. I don't get it. His self confidence is based on his car?

Personally I am fond of old car which is preserved in good condition. As it is not easy to do so nowadays.
I had 3 experiences with old car:
a) old car with cold aircon - The owner is a nice guy. Too bad we ran out of topic to talk after a period of courtship.
b) old car with japanese words - This one... sentenceless. Rejected me because I have no car.
c) old car with center lock - Nothing going on with this one, but no harm admiring a cute one.
Seems to have bad destiny with cars. I will go for tractor next time.


[SK] said...

huh?? rejected you because you have no car?? then i think this guy is actually trying to know more girls so that he know more cars!! haha..

well, maybe next time you go for bikes, tractors, or coaches?? :p good luck~~

Ghosty Nana said...

You are tempting me to badmouth him.

Beca also not bad.