Feb 24, 2010


"There's no rationale in love!
You may be a fresh graduate who rides a motorbike and is poor, and you may no longer have your sideburns, but I'm still still fond of you. I already said the last time that even if you didn't take it seriously, I'd still fancy you. I hope to see you and hear your voice everyday. Whenever you're by my side, I can't help feeling happy and I think of you more and more!" And they kiss each other after a short conversation.

Above is a short dialogue from Singapore drama series I am watching. The lady was courting the guy.

People always said it is easy for a lady to woo a man. Is it really that easy?
Maybe it is easy if the lady is a pretty lady.

If a lady woo a guy, the guy may take the lady for granted. So many bad consequences. I know you people out there may say it is normal for lady to woo man nowadays. You may say it is normal on your mouth, but not in heart.

Is it that easy to woo a man?

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