Feb 22, 2010

Surprise in family

Sending my sister to airport... a moment to treasure. When will be the next time I see her again?

This year is special as all of my family members came back for CNY, after 2 years. My 2 sisters tried to surprise my parents by coming home secretly. However, the secret leak out slowly.

On the day my 1st younger sister came back, my mother only told me that she is coming back. She said she also know on that day. I was so surprised because I did asked her to come back as another sister is coming back too (my youngest sister only told me that she is coming back). She told me she is not coming back. When she get home, I called my dad telling him, please come home to drive us to shopping mall because I want to buy shoes. My dad almost scolded me for wanting to buy shoes again, my sister saved my ears from a lecture by jumping out from the closet. His face expression was so precious. Mouth open, angry expression mixed with shocked expression.

My youngest sister flew straight to Sabah and stay with my auntie. As a good sister to my mother, my auntie called my mother telling her about my sister arrival tomorrow. That night, my auntie called again saying that my sister's flight is cancel. I did not dare to face my mother, when she told me my sister not coming back with a sad and broken heart expression. I can't told her the truth, and I can't look at her because I am very bad in lying. I may burst out laughing. However when my mother told me to pack more clothes, I suspected she knows. She is a mother after all, with great maternal instinct.

When we reach my grandpa's house, my uncle told my dad that he saw me in city. My youngest sister and me look much alike. My dad knew is my youngest sister. My dad was in pitiful state, because no one want to clarify the situation.

When my youngest sister reach village with my auntie, the only who was fully in shocked state was my youngest brother. He was sulking why no one told him all his sisters coming back from Peninsular Malaysia. So he can ask them to buy things for him.

All this surprise surprise, is very hard to endure for me. I remember when I was in university, my older brother decided to surprise my parents. He was planning to go back secretly for the semester break. When he did not have money to buy the ticket and can't ask my dad for more money, me as a good sister have to buy around RM 350 ticket for me. When I asked my dad for more money, my dad scolded me for asking money at last minute, and money was tight that time. To survive those days with scarce money, I had to dig all pockets of my bags and used up all my coins. Every cents was so precious, because 10 of 1 cent is 10 cents, 10 of 10 cents is RM 1, RM 1 means a brunch.

The worst thing about surprise is that I have to hide my happy feeling. I can't shout to my mother, telling her they are coming home. I have to pretend that I was sad whenever my mother was sad that they are not coming back.

I am happy that my life is full of surprises.
So many surprise recently, keep my life interesting.....

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