Feb 3, 2010

unfinished business

Unfinished business is likened to a ball thrown from 10th floor of a building, and the ball does not reach the ground.
Perhaps, the ball is filled with helium gas.
The ball will fly, fly and fly, until it is hooked or popped by sharp object.
Until then, receiver below will wait, wait, and wait.
But not for long....
Soon, the ball will be forgotten by the waiting reception. There is no point waiting for a ball which refused the receiver. Everything is happen with a cause.

It is not the ball's fault for not falling down. However it is the thrower's fault for filling the ball up with helium gas. The ball was thrown as a deception.
When the receiver was expecting the ball to fall downward, as the rule of physic applied to everything will drop as the force of gravity pulls.

The thrower creates an illusion that there is a ball and the ball will reach the receiver.

The truth is there is a ball, but the ball was not intended to rell into the receiver's hand.

It is just an illusion. A great masterpiece.

A person who is having the problem constipation, went to sit at the toilet bowl. The toilet bowl is anticipating the arrival os some shits. Somehow no shit arrive. The toilet ball catch no ball, only see some balls.

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