Feb 20, 2010

Surprise! Surprise!

Suddenly, my 4 years friend told me that she is getting married in May. She never told me that she is in a relationship. Hence, when she told me bout her coming wedding, I did not believe her and thought she was just kidding. She said my response was the funniest one among those few people whom she told about it. At the moment she told me the news, I asked, "you must be kidding," and took it as just a breeze which brush by my shoulder. When I saw her expression, laughing at me, I felt something is amiss. Clearly, she was not joking!

Her reason of keeping her marital status a secret is only marriage matters. Dating or relationship before married, all that are not reliable and everything can change easily. Other than marriage, not worth of announcing, only the stage of marriage is counted as confirmation of a relationship. Hope you get what I meant. Conclusion is that If you dating for 10 years, all those 10 years are not counted if you do not get married.

I agree with her. Dating or sweet talk may become waste of time and feeling, if there is no marriage. A relationship need to be kept a secret because the other half is private property. When a relationship is disclosed to public, many people may speak in ill manner of the relationship. One word, 'DANGEROUS!'

I really admire my friend. She managed to keep it a secret for many years, even her mum did not know about it. While her mother lamenting how her daughter may end up to be a spinster, she is preparing a plan to start a family. Her mother wasted her time worrying for her.

While I was sulking, asking her, will I lose a friend after that.. She comforted me by saying she will still go jogging and swimming.

Forcing won't bring happiness.
Let nature takes its course.
Life is like gambling.


[SK] said...

hmm, if you think anything will happen before marriage, similarly anything will happen after marriage.. *touch wood*.. anyway, it's a business of the couple, so it's really up to them to do what they want and how the like, right?? :)

so you will be the "ji mui" soon?? haha~~

Ghosty Nana said...

Righhhhtttttttttttt, [SK].

Still not sure where will I be on her wedding day. U wan to be 'ji mui'?