Feb 5, 2010

Fitness in Kuching

While I was in Kuching, other than eating, my friend brought me to a fitness center. I guess my friend ran out of places to bring me to, if you wondering why my friend brought me to visit a gym. The fitness center is opened by a Malaysian famous blogger, Kenny Sia. He is also very round.

The fitness center give a free trial for first timer. This is actually my first time to a proper formal gym. After I get a locker key and a towel, I walk in without any clue of what to do. Fyi, my friend just left me there. I guess I have to find the locker room, as I have a locker key. 
Tips when feeling lost: Follow the crowd.

So, I follow the crowd, follow the trail of busy people walking, looks like they have somewhere to rush to. Then, I found the restroom with the lockers.

Then, I explore the gym, walking up the stairs till the top floor. Ground floor - Body build up, 1st floor - treadmill, bike, and gym ball, and 2nd, Cardio/dance.

When I walk into body building up area, that was the first time I saw so many muscled biceps at a time. I was shocked and my jaw almost drop open. 


Most of my male colleagues have big biceps. But.. but.. but.. those I saw at the gym are so different. Those in the gym are hard and big, and unbelievable scary biceps. I admit that too much muscles freaks me up. I saw that I am the only lady in that area. I wander around, reading instruction and trying out exercise equipment. I can't find easier equipment for abdomen tightening. Hence, I wander up to the bike area. My ankles were too sore from shopping too much, so can't ride the bike for too long. My leg just go wobbly after a while.

Then I went to ground floor, found the Oprah is more entertaining. So I chose the most strategic equipment, watch tv while doing thigh strengthening exercise.

While watching Oprah, I have a realisation that the gym looks like AirAsia. Everything is so red. I guess the boss is very fond of Airasia.


[SK] said...

oh my, exactly the same situation when i went to my gym for the very first time!! muahahaha~~ :p

Ghosty Nana said...

hahaha, you also same like me. Let's lose our roundness together!