Aug 21, 2012

Tomorrow shall be a calm day

Can you handle the changes?

Yes, I CAN!

Do you really think you can?

No, I cannot. But the Lord can.

Many times I was worried needlessly, for something that does not happen. My mind was actively generated series of soap opera, which won't be produced as soap opera. It was all n my mind.

Occasionally I imagine that I would be scolded on the next day. But when the next day arrived, nothing happen. It was just a normal 'next day'.

So tomorrow should be not as big deal as what I imagined....

I am going to fight to win!

Have a nice raining day!

Aug 7, 2012

Victim of war

War among toast remind me of the song 'Pretender'. When we know someone can change her mind as fast as lightning, get her to email everytime she made a decision. As a proof and reminder that that was her decision. I do not wan to be the squeezed smashed butter among the toast.

War of high profile people shot torpedo over meaningless human and may miss the target. Better grab a armor and hide. But this hardly happen. Most probably that will be sent as a mailman, or ambassador to rival country. It remind me of the movie '300', the scene when the ambassador was thrown into the bottomless pit. Destiny is to die without reason.

Just by reading messages and emails sent by all parties, it is so stressful. It sound like newspaper. Everyday announcing accidence and death of someone you do not know, knowing it might happen to you when you are not careful.

Just a voice from a humble victim of war.