Aug 21, 2012

Tomorrow shall be a calm day

Can you handle the changes?

Yes, I CAN!

Do you really think you can?

No, I cannot. But the Lord can.

Many times I was worried needlessly, for something that does not happen. My mind was actively generated series of soap opera, which won't be produced as soap opera. It was all n my mind.

Occasionally I imagine that I would be scolded on the next day. But when the next day arrived, nothing happen. It was just a normal 'next day'.

So tomorrow should be not as big deal as what I imagined....

I am going to fight to win!

Have a nice raining day!

1 comment:

CWMartin said...

If you imagine the worst, you can deal with what actually happens. I do this all the time. Just be sure to keep it to yourself- or if you tell someone, tell them its a joke.