Sep 9, 2013

Raining Memories

8 sept 2013, kk.

Raining since 1pm, it gets heavy at 6pm.

The rain reminds me of:
A. Biawak watching at corridor. The place we used to stay in sibu always flood. Now i think that place still always flood. When it floods, we kids will be standing in the corridor, watching out to dark looking for any movement in the water. We were looking for biawak. Big biawak. The bigger kids saw it. I didnt. I was 6 yrs old.

B. my mother driving through flooded Miri town. Miri town used to flood whenever rain. That day, we hung out at our new house during the day. We have not moved to the new house. I went the house with tv and legos. In the evening, we will carry the tv and legos to the car and start our journey back the the place we stay. The sound of water rushing at the bottom of the car as if it will make a hole at the bottom. We kept quiet at the back seat so mama can concentrate in driving, we of course were quiet because we are scare. Quietly i prayed that our car not broken down in the middle of the flooded road. I was around 11 years old.

C. Weird phenomena of rain only above a house.

Sep 6, 2013


oink oink krokh krokh.

A pig snort. the snort does not sound like oink oink. It sound like krohk krohk.