Aug 31, 2011

What will you become after 10 years?

My previous post reminded how we used to write about what will happen to us after 10 years time?

Have you write this essay before?
Do you still remember what did you write?
What did you want to be after 10 years?
Are you what you dream to be?

For me, it is easiest to write about wanting to be teacher or a nurse, typical girls job. Anyway it is essay for fulfillment of academic request. Have to pretend to be very contributing to the society and not selfish. 10++ years ago, in secondary school, what did we know about paying tax and better chance?

At 17 or 18 years old, rich parents started to infuse the idea of studying abroad and work abroad with better pay into their children's mind. I know many people who study abroad, stay there and migrated. I also know many of them came back to Malaysia. Government called them patriotic, I say they wasted their parents' efforts. Parents sent you away and not expect you to come back to work with small salary in Malaysia. But you are back, work with small salary that you will take forever to earn back your super expensive school fee.

Children with poor parents, parents only expect us to finish our school, and work. Most parents too busy working to feed children. Most of the parents want their children to further their study. They know the importance of education. Some parents only know their children have to work and earn money. At this stage, it is all depend on the child. Some of these children end up to be a successful businessman. University only educate us to be a worker. 'Society' university force us to be innovative in earning money.

So now is that tenth year, what have you become?
So what if you had become of what you had dream of?
So what if you are different from your dream?
So now what? Start to dream of what happen after 10 years?

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Dreams come true

Naomi's space

Dreams come true

3/26/2006 5:41:36 PM
One evening, 4 guys & 1 girl are studying for their final exam. After a while, they start to talk about their future in survey field. It seems like they have to struggle hard if they want to be licensed surveyor, because there are more & more licensed surveyor nowadays. Some does not want to be surveyor.
In the girl's mind, she has a broader view, she wants to work in an international company & travel to many places. The other guys only think about local firms only, not ambitious at all.
The girl sounds out her opinion. She said they can try to look for a job in international company such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, Shell, etc She thinks guys have more opportunity to work in these companies & in other field than survey. But one of the pessimist guy said, 'It is not as easy as you think, our English is not as good as you.'
The girl thinks as long as you have confidence, even broken English can be mended. Guys.. It is useless to argue with them.
After their graduation, the one with the worst English get to join Fugro, an international hydrography company.
He knows the market & he knows he has the deposit for the company. So he went for it.
The second worst in English is now in Western Geco. Maybe in India now. This one took much persuasion to join seismic industry. The girl is tired of this guy already.
The third one is now in CGG, also a seismic industry. This one wandered around before he get the best. A wanderer.
The one with the best English is still in his old company, as an assistant of project manager in local firm.
The dream of the girl has comes true. The girl is now a survey girl in an international company & gets to travel around Asia-Africa. Isn't it fun???


Aug 29, 2011

Yoga- 1 leg lifting

Day 2 of practicing yoga

proceeding to single leg lifts.

It is not hard following from page 27 - 45 of the book, with photos of each steps.
It is hard to read in the middle of a pose. Pictures help a lot. Just a glance, let me remember what is the next pose.
Posing is not as hard as breathing. Most of the time, can be too focus on posing, and neglected breathing rhythm. Only need to relax and do it slowly, no teacher to scold you.
I like self teaching because my hands and legs can't coordinate very well. Most probably will be scolded by Danny if he is the teacher.

Answering SK's question, OUM chanting is a chanting that can provides body-mind harmony, can make us more body-mind-aware while doing yoga.

After this one leg lifting yoga, my legs felt like just had a run. It is because the stretching.

Tomorrow is Raya, Eid for muslim community.

Happy Raya!

Aug 27, 2011


Last week, I borrowed a yoga book from public library.

I lay down a towel on the floor. Fifi try to intrude my towel space.
Then I lay down and do 'corpse' pose.
Then OUMMMMMMMMMM.... in sitting position.
While I was OUMMM, Fifi took the chance and sit on my towel.
Aahh, fifi, naughty fifi, take advantage and sit on my towel.
Shoo.. Shoo...

Lastly, I practice active relaxation.

Fell asleep on the towel on the floor. Too relaxing.

I thought yoga is so easy, just lie down and move fingers and foot. After I browse through the whole book, I see I have not get to the tough part yet. apooooooooooooooooooooooo

Aug 23, 2011


Ghostynana is not related to any ghost, and it is not even a word. Ghostynana is a blog written by me. I started this blog in September 2009. September is an auspicious month to in Chinese lunar calendar start a blog. As it was created in such auspicious month, ghostynana is destined to be a long lasting blog in blogsphere.

You may wonder why ghostynana? Usually the name of a blog defines the blogger. A blog with the name of, we know that the blogger is a mother and probably a hot one. The name defines the blogger. During that time, every Sunday, I always change my Facebook profile picture to this:

 I get a lot of comments complimenting my eeriness and how they had nightmares after they saw this photo. One of my friends commented and she wrote 'ghostynana'. Without further ado, I named my blog as

ok I got bored of re-write this speech. This is actually part of my toastmaster speech for last Thursday. It is CC3, competent communicator.  I really prefer to write on paper books than typing. I got bored!

Ding Dong! so bored!

Aug 17, 2011

1st post from MSN space

1st Project to Egypt 2005-2006

Naomi's space

1st Project to Egypt 2005-2006

8/2/2006 5:04:07 PM

I started working for my company on 29 December 2005.

My 1st station of work is in Ras El Bar, Egypt. It is located at one of the branches of the Nile, 3 hours drive from Cairo & Alexandria. My base camp is in the coastguard area. So it is felt like restricted & confined by military jail. On the other side of the river, there is a small town or summer town. During the day, it is deserted. Egyptian life starts at night. Around 5pm, people start to move around in the town area. Due to winter now, only small population exists in this summer town. It is said it will be crowded during summer.

As I am a foreign lady in that place, I have attracted lots of unwanted attentions. Those attentions left me insecure. Their FAQ to a lady are, 'Are you Muslim', 'How old are you?', & 'Are you married?’ It is quite disturbing. Being in Egypt makes me felt that I am lucky that I am a Malaysian.

In the beginning, I wonder why most people said Egypt has the most beautiful view. Then I realized that the most interested view that I noticed is the view of oasis. I have seen oasis with rubbish. My deepest impression of Egypt is that it is dirty. I have seen a small river full of rubbish. Rubbish is everywhere. It is hard to find a proper rubbish bin. This country has a poor management.

Most of the Egyptian are Muslim. There are minority who are Croptic & Catholic Christians. Among the population of Christian in Egypt, I was told that population of woman is more than man. This is one of the factors that many Christian women remain single.

My Egyptian friend told me that Muslim body covered culture has only begin around 20 yrs ago. In some places, only Christian did not wear head cover.

By the way, I got a nickname here. The boat driver, Hamama (Bird) called me Asfura. Asfura ia a small bird with beautiful voice. That is a compliment for me.

I left Ras El Bar in the mid of March. Yeah, I celebrate my birthday here.


Aug 14, 2011

Bed where I belong

I look left, look right.
No matter how old a person can be, that person long for a companion.
No matter how old a person can be, that person will still get married when the person meet a soulmate.

Somehow I felt that marriage had became a channel to make us memorable to the world, as in making someone somebody to somebody.
A husband to a lady, a wife of a man, a mother to a child.

Everyone of us long for a status.
In career, we might want a status of manager, having name card printed out, showing off to our peer.
In relationship, we want a marriage certificate to officially announce our status as someone's wife or husband.
Officially announcing that we belong to someone.

Like a child finally own a bed, not just mattress.

When our peers passed away, and we passed away, as everyone busy with daily routine, soon memory of us would be forgotten.
Only when they saw our children's face, they would be reminded that they know someone who looks like our children.
Thanks to human photographic memory!

Hope you get what I mean.

Aug 8, 2011

Auntie day

Sunday is a typical 'auntie' day for me.

It is the day I check out toilet roll in Giant. Might probably shout out if it is on sale or it is still expensive.

If you want to know the brand, it is blue n colour. When it 1st came out in market, it's advertisement is about how much longer it is compare to brand X toilet roll. I still remember both brand of toilet roll were pulled by balloon up to the sky, and see which brand run out of paper 1st.

My dad may not be an accountant. He used his own way to measure which one is more worth his money. By using his two finger, he pinched the roll from the side. The new brand is worth for every extra cent we paid for it. This new brand is more dense, last longer and the ply does not tear easily. Who wants toilet ply to tear in the middle of wiping the ass? Ewww~~~~~

Usually this brand cost around RM 12.50. When it is on sale, It would be only around RM 9.50 to RM 11. It depends on the mood of Giant Hypermarket. Each person is limited to 3 packs.

I have only 2 hands, with the car parked so far away. I have to walk 5 mins before I can reach the car. When it is RM9.50, I don't mind hugging 2 packs and walking around hugging toilet rolls, hugging it along the way to the car, crossing roads with many people watching me hugging toilet rolls. I bet no one dare to claim that I am their friend at that moment.

Every cent I earned, I earned it with sweat and blood.


Nothing wrong with being an auntie anyway~~

Aug 6, 2011

Forgotten Horror Image

As Chinese Ghost Month is nearing, let's scare ourselves with some ghosty post.

Many of us, adolescent of current century tend to call ourselves as new generation and not superstitious.
Hence, we kind of forgotten our parent's version of horror image.

Trees have always been spooky image, even always appeared eerie during Halloween.. 

Most of ghost stories we heard during our childhood, always related to big trees. 
Do you still remember it?
In these generation, I don't think we remember. It is long forgotten that big trees are spooky and we like to take photographs under a big tree. 

Once we drove passed a wedding studio with a big wedding photograph advertisement. My dad 1st response is, "See, they take photograph under a ghost tree."

Oh yes, I recognized this tree. With all the branches flowing down, branches are so thick that not much lights can pass through it. Its dark shed vibrates spine-chilling atmosphere.

Photographers love the tree, because they have forgotten or ignorant of horror image of the tree.
It is like get married in black wedding gown. Ignorant that black is taboo in Chinese wedding, and get married in black. 

I know my photographer friends would be mad of me, for disclosing the horror image of their favourite tree. hahahhaha, I am so BAD.

There is a newly opened, luxury version of coffee house.
We were sitting opposite the coffee house, admiring its interior design.
There are many white huge lanterns hanging from ceiling.
I spoke up  my mind and praise it is quite interesting place, so white and bright.
As honest as my dad can be, he said it looks like lanterns for the dead.

Growing up with Hong Kong horror movies, all those white lantern with ghost flying around with white lanterns is flying around my mind.
Ok It is spooky.
Yeah, it does look like lantern for dead.

I am not superstitious, I am only scaredy-cat.

Aug 5, 2011

Non size S Single lady

For someone who stayed in Thai for too long, tend to forget not every woman is in size 'S'.

Every lady in Thai is so petite, but not married woman.

BEWARE THAT it is different in Malaysia, or should I say it is different in many other country.

Comparing to Canadian, American, most Malaysian can still consider petite even in size 'XL'.

Big boobs and not size 'S' doesn't mean she is a married woman.

I can only assume that in Thai, only married woman or tranverstite, or with the power of plastic surgery, ladies can have big boobs. 

Mind you, being a single lady who is not a size 'S' is not an offence in Malaysia. Perhaps it is an offence in Thai.

Now shoot me for being bigger than size 'S'.

Whose satisfaction are we searching for anyway? Yours? Or Mine?

Aug 2, 2011

Water lily?

When I saw this flower at Golden Triangle, Thai.
I remember sarawakiana.
She was searching for a nice water lily in the town.

Frankly I am not sure is this water lily.
As long as the flower is floating on water surface, it is water lily to me.

Ok, don't laugh.