Aug 6, 2011

Forgotten Horror Image

As Chinese Ghost Month is nearing, let's scare ourselves with some ghosty post.

Many of us, adolescent of current century tend to call ourselves as new generation and not superstitious.
Hence, we kind of forgotten our parent's version of horror image.

Trees have always been spooky image, even always appeared eerie during Halloween.. 

Most of ghost stories we heard during our childhood, always related to big trees. 
Do you still remember it?
In these generation, I don't think we remember. It is long forgotten that big trees are spooky and we like to take photographs under a big tree. 

Once we drove passed a wedding studio with a big wedding photograph advertisement. My dad 1st response is, "See, they take photograph under a ghost tree."

Oh yes, I recognized this tree. With all the branches flowing down, branches are so thick that not much lights can pass through it. Its dark shed vibrates spine-chilling atmosphere.

Photographers love the tree, because they have forgotten or ignorant of horror image of the tree.
It is like get married in black wedding gown. Ignorant that black is taboo in Chinese wedding, and get married in black. 

I know my photographer friends would be mad of me, for disclosing the horror image of their favourite tree. hahahhaha, I am so BAD.

There is a newly opened, luxury version of coffee house.
We were sitting opposite the coffee house, admiring its interior design.
There are many white huge lanterns hanging from ceiling.
I spoke up  my mind and praise it is quite interesting place, so white and bright.
As honest as my dad can be, he said it looks like lanterns for the dead.

Growing up with Hong Kong horror movies, all those white lantern with ghost flying around with white lanterns is flying around my mind.
Ok It is spooky.
Yeah, it does look like lantern for dead.

I am not superstitious, I am only scaredy-cat.


CWMartin said...

being's as I'm not familiar with scary tree stories (and am astounded you have a whole ghost MONTH), Perhaps you would consent to telling a tree story on your blog. Or e-mail me one and I'll give it a guest-post on my blog.

Ghostynana said...

There are many ghost stories, people saw something sitting on branches of big tree, and many more. Personally I dont have this kind encounter. I will find such stories in future, but not now. This month is horror month. hahaha

Uncle Lee said...

Hi GhostyNana, love your this posting and that pokok.
If see this tree at night, I chabut kasut keluar asap!

ha ha, only last week I posted about carrying a Spirit in my car.
Frightened me from driving at nights for months.
I forgot about this particular month being here in Canada, ha ha.
You have fun. Keep a song in your heart.
Best regards, Lee.