Aug 14, 2011

Bed where I belong

I look left, look right.
No matter how old a person can be, that person long for a companion.
No matter how old a person can be, that person will still get married when the person meet a soulmate.

Somehow I felt that marriage had became a channel to make us memorable to the world, as in making someone somebody to somebody.
A husband to a lady, a wife of a man, a mother to a child.

Everyone of us long for a status.
In career, we might want a status of manager, having name card printed out, showing off to our peer.
In relationship, we want a marriage certificate to officially announce our status as someone's wife or husband.
Officially announcing that we belong to someone.

Like a child finally own a bed, not just mattress.

When our peers passed away, and we passed away, as everyone busy with daily routine, soon memory of us would be forgotten.
Only when they saw our children's face, they would be reminded that they know someone who looks like our children.
Thanks to human photographic memory!

Hope you get what I mean.


CWMartin said...

I understand. I was like that forever. But now being a child of God, a follower of Christ, is enough for me.

God has blessed me with a bed where I belong. May He bring to you as well.

[SK] said...

yes i got you.. you can't wait to get married~~ :p

Ghostynana said...

CWMArtin, this post was inspired when a guy who just get married happily telling everyone he just married, and called a single guy a loser.

Ghostynana said...

[SK], I want to kill you! But kalau ada pun apa salahnya

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Heard this from a friend (an English teacher). Is there any difference between the words "finished" and "complete"?
Yes answered one woman...."You are complete when you marry a person who is your soul mate." "You are finished if you marry the wrong man...."

We must think twice before we say that these two words are the same inmeaning.

Ghostynana said...

But you would be still remembered as someone, either a happy wife or a sad wife