Aug 8, 2011

Auntie day

Sunday is a typical 'auntie' day for me.

It is the day I check out toilet roll in Giant. Might probably shout out if it is on sale or it is still expensive.

If you want to know the brand, it is blue n colour. When it 1st came out in market, it's advertisement is about how much longer it is compare to brand X toilet roll. I still remember both brand of toilet roll were pulled by balloon up to the sky, and see which brand run out of paper 1st.

My dad may not be an accountant. He used his own way to measure which one is more worth his money. By using his two finger, he pinched the roll from the side. The new brand is worth for every extra cent we paid for it. This new brand is more dense, last longer and the ply does not tear easily. Who wants toilet ply to tear in the middle of wiping the ass? Ewww~~~~~

Usually this brand cost around RM 12.50. When it is on sale, It would be only around RM 9.50 to RM 11. It depends on the mood of Giant Hypermarket. Each person is limited to 3 packs.

I have only 2 hands, with the car parked so far away. I have to walk 5 mins before I can reach the car. When it is RM9.50, I don't mind hugging 2 packs and walking around hugging toilet rolls, hugging it along the way to the car, crossing roads with many people watching me hugging toilet rolls. I bet no one dare to claim that I am their friend at that moment.

Every cent I earned, I earned it with sweat and blood.


Nothing wrong with being an auntie anyway~~

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[SK] said...

it takes a lot of skills to be an auntie actually, haha!! i am also very auntie, though i'm not to the extent of saving every single sen i can, i try not to waste any extra sen if possible.. :p