Aug 31, 2011

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Dreams come true

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Dreams come true

3/26/2006 5:41:36 PM
One evening, 4 guys & 1 girl are studying for their final exam. After a while, they start to talk about their future in survey field. It seems like they have to struggle hard if they want to be licensed surveyor, because there are more & more licensed surveyor nowadays. Some does not want to be surveyor.
In the girl's mind, she has a broader view, she wants to work in an international company & travel to many places. The other guys only think about local firms only, not ambitious at all.
The girl sounds out her opinion. She said they can try to look for a job in international company such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, Shell, etc She thinks guys have more opportunity to work in these companies & in other field than survey. But one of the pessimist guy said, 'It is not as easy as you think, our English is not as good as you.'
The girl thinks as long as you have confidence, even broken English can be mended. Guys.. It is useless to argue with them.
After their graduation, the one with the worst English get to join Fugro, an international hydrography company.
He knows the market & he knows he has the deposit for the company. So he went for it.
The second worst in English is now in Western Geco. Maybe in India now. This one took much persuasion to join seismic industry. The girl is tired of this guy already.
The third one is now in CGG, also a seismic industry. This one wandered around before he get the best. A wanderer.
The one with the best English is still in his old company, as an assistant of project manager in local firm.
The dream of the girl has comes true. The girl is now a survey girl in an international company & gets to travel around Asia-Africa. Isn't it fun???


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Sarawakiana@2 said...

It is good to have dreams and the confidence to follow the girl who wants to travel and see the world...that is a great dream.