Aug 29, 2011

Yoga- 1 leg lifting

Day 2 of practicing yoga

proceeding to single leg lifts.

It is not hard following from page 27 - 45 of the book, with photos of each steps.
It is hard to read in the middle of a pose. Pictures help a lot. Just a glance, let me remember what is the next pose.
Posing is not as hard as breathing. Most of the time, can be too focus on posing, and neglected breathing rhythm. Only need to relax and do it slowly, no teacher to scold you.
I like self teaching because my hands and legs can't coordinate very well. Most probably will be scolded by Danny if he is the teacher.

Answering SK's question, OUM chanting is a chanting that can provides body-mind harmony, can make us more body-mind-aware while doing yoga.

After this one leg lifting yoga, my legs felt like just had a run. It is because the stretching.

Tomorrow is Raya, Eid for muslim community.

Happy Raya!


[SK] said...

wow, so you are obsessed with yoga now?? somemore learning through books by yourself??

[SK] said...

and you know what?? reading while posing is the last pose you will never find it in your yoga book!! hahaha.. :D

[SK] said...

just like those chinese kungfu, the sifu will never teach you all but left a little bit for you to realise on your own!! wow, so you've got it!! :D

Naomi said...

SK, too auntie ma. IT IS FREE!!
heheheh, imagine that lifting one leg, holding book with one hand, checking out my breathing. toughest pose!
if wrong interpretation, may 'zhuo huo ru mo'