May 29, 2016

6 hours 20 mins flight to Seoul

Our flight for KLIA2 to Incheon Airport, South Korea is at 8am. Checkout from the container hotel at 6 am. Then go to checkin at the Airasia counter in fast pace.

I actually checked in at Miri airport by using self check in kiosk. However failed to print the boarding pass. QR code was sent to my mobile phone. It refused to open the second time i tried to open it. Later on I realised for international flight, we actually need to go to the counter for document check. Lucky that I was not able to print my boarding pass.

I am saving cost. So no check in luggage. You may try to guess the weight of my luggage.

We had our breakfast at McD. Then going in to departure in fast pace again.

The flight was 6 hours 20 mins. I sat beside 2 Malaysian ladies. They are going to Seoul, then Busan by train. Then back to Seoul. I actually met them at N Seoul Tower few days later.

I was sitting at my favorite seat, by the aisle. So I can go to toilet and walk around numerous times.

When we reached Incheon Airport, we have to take shuttle train to another terminal. Everyone queue waiting for their turn to enter the shuttle train. So organised.

May 16, 2016

Capsule Container Hotel, KLIA2

6 May 2016 - took Airasia plan from Miri to KL. Flight delayed and we reached KLIA2 at around 12.30 am.

Hang around area

Amenity bag, toothbrush and toothpastr, towel, key card.

My bed


My storage cabinet or locker
This is Capsule Container Hotel, located at KLIA2. Once you had arrived at KLIA, you need to go to the level where you can get a bus. Then try to find the sign of Capsule or ask someone.

The bed is in container. According to the flowchart in the website, we will get towel, amenity bag and slippers. But not everyone of us gets to change to the slippers. They also ran out of storage cabinets. One of us did not have storage cabinet. Hmnnnn..... Some of the staffs have attitudes....

Toilets...... smelly and dirty......

The container have blinds which allowed some privacy. But it is hot inside.

May 15, 2016

Law of Attraction in South Korea

Law of attraction somehow is happening to me when I was travelling in South Korea. Before I go to South Korea, I have a to-buy list. Among of the items, there are thermos and stainless steel spoon. I wanted to buy but I did not manage to buy them.

However I get them free.

I asked my friend to buy takeaway for me. When I open it, there is a Korean style spoon in it. Lucky me. I bought a bowl of dumpling, cost 8000 won with free spoon.  

Ok i also get the adaptor for free.

At the Incheon Airport, i get a free bottle (looks like Starbucks thermos which I saw online with Korean drawing).