May 15, 2016

Law of Attraction in South Korea

Law of attraction somehow is happening to me when I was travelling in South Korea. Before I go to South Korea, I have a to-buy list. Among of the items, there are thermos and stainless steel spoon. I wanted to buy but I did not manage to buy them.

However I get them free.

I asked my friend to buy takeaway for me. When I open it, there is a Korean style spoon in it. Lucky me. I bought a bowl of dumpling, cost 8000 won with free spoon.  

Ok i also get the adaptor for free.

At the Incheon Airport, i get a free bottle (looks like Starbucks thermos which I saw online with Korean drawing).


CWMartin said...

I would have to say I'm undisciplined enough that only 6 and 7 worked for me.

Naomi said...

Hope it is working for you :♡