Feb 13, 2013

Chicken soup

Happy Chinese New Year!

Funny things happen during Chinese New Year.

As usual my mum is the chief cook in the kitchen. My role in the kitchen are to beat garlic, move around heavy wok and pots, stir stir whatever my mum put into the wok, obeying the law which is one kitchen one woman.

When my mum was going to cook 2nd pot of chicken soup, she went to the living room for a while, left me standing at the stove. It was so tempting to cook by myself. My hand get itchy and start to pour sesame oil into the hot wok. Put ginger and start to stir. In my memory I remember there is another ingredient. I saw there are garlic in a small plate near the sink, then I grab the plate and pour all the garlic into the wok, and start to stir. That moment my mum come into the kitchen. To her horror, she saw there are garlic in the wok. It was too late. So we proceed to put chicken pieces into the work, and stir stir. Pour some hot water around the chicken, let it boil for a while. then put all those ingredient into big pot of hot water.

During the dinner, I asked my brother in law, is it nice? He said nice. In my heart, I was thinking, he must have not taste the best. Putting in the garlic neutralise the taste of ginger, and it taste weird.

Dear all, you can try to cook chicken soup with ginger only and sesame oil.

all the best!

Feb 4, 2013

The fear for 30

I have full set of Friends series in my external hard disk, which I got from my friend.
Yesterday I was watching the episode where all girls reached their 30 and how they face it.
Rachel very frustrated, Monica get herself drunk and realised there is a secret party at her home, and Phoebe realised she lost a year because she found out that she is actually 31.

Is 30 that horrible? It can be horrible and not that horrible. 30 can be scary when you will think you will be a spinster forever. However 30 marked the line where I am fully qualified as a grown up. So funny as if I was not grown up. Officially grown up.

Stay not with family. stay with spiderman, cicakman, cockroachman.
cook for myself... 
Troubleshoot home appliances by myself.

Only one thing which I am worried from living by myself. It is that if I get used to be alone, I will fall in love to loneliness and alone forever. When you get used to silent environment and alone, somehow you can be annoy with any human presence in same house in future. 

Will i know how to bake at the age of 30? Now i have a stand mixer. It would be useful if I learn how to make carrot cake. My favorite.

Feb 3, 2013

Luck in Feb love month

2013 1st Day of Feb started great!

The company have annual dinner that night at Harbour Front Golf Club. The food was delicious. Especially sald and desert. It was buffet and no need to shy in eating. Can eat as much as you want, as long as your stomach can take. 1st time i eat a nice bread pudding.

Food is not the focus of the dinner. The lucky draw is. At the entrance, we were given 2 cards with number. One is for angpow draw, another is for lucky draw. Everyone gets angpow, the difference is how much you get. 1st round of angpow is rm350. Then 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 900, 1000. I got rm 600, above rm 500. So it is good.

2nd round is lucky draw. There are 40 gifts sponsored by various company. A mechanic shop even sponsored 2 car engine lubricant oil,cost rm 140 each. The most expensive gift is Eu Yan Sang hamper cost rm 950. And many many blenders. Beware that only 40 person are lucky to get the gifts. Yours truly is only of the lucky one! Hehe i got a stand mixer. Now i have to learn how to bake cake. Or i will use it to beat eggs when i want to cook omellete!

Feb is also Month of love. So much luck in the start of Feb, perhaps it is a sign i will have luck in my love life. Heheh