Feb 13, 2013

Chicken soup

Happy Chinese New Year!

Funny things happen during Chinese New Year.

As usual my mum is the chief cook in the kitchen. My role in the kitchen are to beat garlic, move around heavy wok and pots, stir stir whatever my mum put into the wok, obeying the law which is one kitchen one woman.

When my mum was going to cook 2nd pot of chicken soup, she went to the living room for a while, left me standing at the stove. It was so tempting to cook by myself. My hand get itchy and start to pour sesame oil into the hot wok. Put ginger and start to stir. In my memory I remember there is another ingredient. I saw there are garlic in a small plate near the sink, then I grab the plate and pour all the garlic into the wok, and start to stir. That moment my mum come into the kitchen. To her horror, she saw there are garlic in the wok. It was too late. So we proceed to put chicken pieces into the work, and stir stir. Pour some hot water around the chicken, let it boil for a while. then put all those ingredient into big pot of hot water.

During the dinner, I asked my brother in law, is it nice? He said nice. In my heart, I was thinking, he must have not taste the best. Putting in the garlic neutralise the taste of ginger, and it taste weird.

Dear all, you can try to cook chicken soup with ginger only and sesame oil.

all the best!

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Sarawakiana@2 said...

Simple Chinese cooking calls for either garlic or ginger. Not both. Malay cusine would have three sisters of the aromatics ( ie ginger, garlic and onions) and 4 ladies or princesses of the spices...Interesting!