Mar 8, 2013

Terrorist in Sabah

My current location is Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

As we know now Lahad Datu was attacked by Sulu Sultan. Now they are known as terrorist.

When i first know their existence in Lahad datu, i only know the photo of them posing with guns in Facebook. They were not that threatening, they were just some people with Malaysian Identity Card but are philipine descendent. They were a bunch of people who did not get land promised to them. And try to threatened our prime minister, ah jib kor. That was what i thought of them around late Jan and early Feb. The thought of them firing at us can be funny actually.

On 1st March, i was on a car traveling to Tawau from Sapulut camp, my colleague received a call informing him that the Sulu gang attacked Malaysia police force. 2 policemen was killed. Is it scary enough? Not that scary actually, because of our ignorance.

On 2 March, i was attending the company annual dinner in Tawau, enjoying the view of cute guys. Our police force was attacked in Semporna while they were checking a philipinos water village. 2 policemen was killed. Is it scary enough? No, we were not scared because we didnt know semporna is just 1 hour from Tawau, it is like Johor Bahru to Skudai. That night, we went to a karaoke, police came and told them to close. Then we went to another karaoke, they closed at midnight, which is early for karaoke. Then we went to eat supper. That was how brave we were. Today, 7 march i saw a news that 2 policemen who was killed at Semporna was found mutilated.

4 march, in KK. Received rumour that there were shooting at Sepanggar and 1Borneo. It is 30 mins from KK. Ppl in Kk were panic and moved away from that area. Ppl start to buy rice and stock. I was not panic because i sensed it is false rumour.

5 march. Cannot sleep well last night. Read news that malaysia drop bomb from the air but did not hit Sulu gang. This meant it hit somewhere have civilian... This news kind of freaked me up. My younger brother called me, asking me any war in KK, ask me fast fast go back to Miri if there is war. Why not!! I don't have to run only when war happen, i can run before war happen. I dont want to be alone when 'darurat' happen. I can go to auntie house in KK, but darurat means o cannot go out of my house or i will get shot. It means i will stuck alone. That was how i bought my ticket to Miri for the weekend. I bought return ticket, but i am not coming back if KK is in chaos. Anyway i can go back because Friday is my birthday and i dont hv to apply for leave to go home. Went to buy some canned food with auntie, enough for a week.

6 march, mind and emotional unstable. Mind is very disturb due to country and personal issue. Emotional unstable due to ovulation period. Forensic team in Lahad datu was attacked. No one was injured. My uncle is forensic team in lahad datu. Cant imagine how my auntie is feeling. Ask my mum to call her. I scare i will be in panic mode if i hear any more news. Also received a reliable news regarding something happen in KK.

7 march, my collegue who stay at Kinarut, told us that soldier told his family to stay inside the house. And there were some shooting happen near their area. News confirmed. Now only accept reliable news to avoid panic mode. Hope no more news.

Tomorrow i will turn 30. Another memorable birthday with so many thing happen. See you in Miri tomorrow night.


Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthay to you.

Hpe you be safe over there and hope peace will be restored soon

CWMartin said...

I had been reading about the Sulus and wondering if they were in your area. Seems awful dumb to fight for something that they will never get back, and don't really need. Like all terrorists, what they say they want is just an excuse. They would fight for "everybody must wear yellow dresses" as long as they got a chance to kill, which is all they really want.

Have a happy and safe birthday. You don't look 30!

Naomi said...

Thanks. Yes hope so too. Peace is important for us

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Be safe. Be alert always.