Mar 26, 2013

Meet me at age 5

1. Meet me, at age 5.
At 5, I am in kindergarden. My friend and i always talked about small people living in holes in wall. My cousins and I always talk about small people staying in the small shed at their backyard. ( My parents told me there was a dwarf staying inside the road, no wonder my cousins keep saying hv small people staying there) 

I have a friend (boy) who is my dancing partner for school performance. He is fair like me. Whenever we go to public swimming pool, always bump into him and his mother at swimming pool entrance.

My sibling always shower at front yard when my mother washing car or washing front yard. This is in Sibu. We have very bad boys as neighbor, now I heard have become bad man.

We always ride bicycle on the road. one time, many dogs chased after me when I was riding my 4 wheel bicycle. Then I quickly jump down from my bicycle. All the dogs quickly ran and jump onto my bicycle. (Keep your imagination wild and have a laugh)

Have a big drainage nearby, my grandpa used to throw dead chicken into the big drain.

My mother have a friend, and we always go to her house to have fun. The house is eerie. The house is from Japanese occupation. At the backyard, there is a house which is not completed. her house is wooden  and big. She have a small portable TV. In the kitchen, it is the most eerie place because the kitchen have a big smoke suction and always produced sound. When i am big girl, my mother told me the house is actually haunted.

that is what I still remember...

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[SK] said...

you could still remember at what age?? hmmm, i roughly remember my childhood but not by what age lah.. having said that, yours was rather happening and interesting huh?? maybe we staying in big city never had all those fun~~