Mar 19, 2013

Nice smell Part 1

I have a sensitive nose. But not that sensitive until l can smell narcotic products in luggage or shoes.

If I smell a strong smell, my reaction is sneeze sneeze, headache, flowing nose, sneeze sneeze, unstoppable sneezing. I can only apply one product with fragrance at one time on my body. For example, if i apply leave-on hair conditioner, I cannot use perfume. Or else I would be having sneezing fit. So I am not really into perfume, I always go around perfume-less which is quite unladylike. this post is the journey of discovering the sensuality of nice smell.

I was inspire to buy my first perfume by a male ex-colleague. The discovery was quite weird. I was walking with him and suddenly I smell a nice smell which comes from him. So i asked him directly, you are wearing a nice perfume, what is the brand?

It sound like flirting, but I was not flirting. 
It does sound like spooky stalker, but I was not.

He said it is Hugo boss. That was how I made the first move to embrace to the perfume (please refer to the image below).

Believe it or not, I bought the perfume around 2008 and it is not finished by 2013. this shows how I not really using it.

There was a magical moment at the end of 2012. I sprayed some perfume at my neckline. Somehow it produce a very sensual smell when it mixed with my sweat. I almost fell in love with my smell.


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