Mar 14, 2013

Loving myself at 30

Have you notice my lack of appearance in blogsphere since last year?

Last year, there were so many changes and I had hard time settle down with so many changes.
I was terminated from my job in March, looking for job since March.
But I went to Singapore & Kota Kinabalu when i was unemployed.

Then I get a have a life in Miri. Go swimming, church meetings..

Then i moved to Kota Kinabalu. Truly alone but not forever alone. 1st time stay alone outside.... Big big girl in a big big world. i regretted the decision immediately that time because i am a mummy girl.

Now after 6 months only I am used to the living. the sign of I am used to it is I started to exercise on 12 March 2013. I start to go to church meetings. I am back in blogging.

Loving myself more at the age of 30. :)
That was the reason I glow in the picture i took yesterday, and of course with the help of effect from instagram....

14 March 2013
30 years and 6 days old

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