Mar 13, 2013

Don't I look cute?

Don't I look cute?

It is quite hard to deny that I get prettier as I get older.

Do you want to start vomit?

ahh.. guys.. always hard to accept the fact.

Joke aside, a friend of mine said I look like I am in love.
I am certainly in love.
I am in love with myself.

Every time I fell out of love, I love myself more.
As the result, I get prettier.

Hiek hiek hiek...(evil laugh)

Do you love my watch?
I don't really buy good watch for myself, because I always end up losing it.
But if it is a free gift, I don't lose it.
Weird theory, but it is a fact.
I got the watch with credit card points.


[SK] said...

you DEFINITELY is beautiful and cute and pretty~~ :p

CWMartin said...

Well, I'd have to say that you certainly look more 20 than 30 years old. So yeah, you must be getting better as you get older.

Does that mean you looked 75, when you were 10? That would be weird.

Naomi said...

Thanks thanks.

I will always be 18~~`